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    MOT due dates for cars, motorcycles and light vans are to be extended by six months in a bid to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, the DVSA has t
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    Margaret Stevenson

    My mot expires in May 7th. My garage/dealership has closed so if I cannot get out by then am I covered.

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    mr david willcocks

    who is going to cover 6mths of lost income??

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    We stayed open on reduced staff to help our customers. Particularly the elderly and key workers.
    Within minutes of the announcement of a 6 month extension to Mot tests we were getting calls to cancel booked tests.
    Just going to cause a massive log jam from October onwards.

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    The nail in the coffin for most small garages what dvsa joke

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    Derek Smith

    Typical government doublespeak

    Headline MOTS extended for 6 months!!
    Below the headline… drivers of cars with faults will be fined £2500 with points/ban
    If a driver has an accident during this 6 month ext and a fault is found on the car… are they insured? NO
    How do ordinary people know if they have a fault if the car is not tested???
    This is case of government caving in to the shouty crowd but making sure they cover their own *****.
    The Gov have shifted the responsibility of keeping our cars safe, from them… TO YOU!!

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    Robert johnson

    6 months without income??? how can you keep open with no cars on the street?? If your still trading at the end of the 6 months every man and hidog will want mots but having to wait as garages will not be able to cope

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    andy merry

    can anyone confirm when it says ‘garages’ can stay open, does this include bodyshops, (accident repair centre) or is this just relating to mechanical garages

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    Brian Waite

    Our bodyshop has closed as we can’t get paint as the supplier is closed.

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    Julie Pirie

    I suggest that everyone sends a complaint to there local MP HGVs have been deferred for 3 months so why 6 months for cars

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    I don’t think this has been thought through, there will be a huge demand for tests at the end of the six month extension period!
    Not to mention thousands£££ list revenue for already struggling small businesses, with climbing overheads & running costs, I’m sure it will cause many small independent garages & test centres to close!!
    Might have been more sensible, to only apply this extension to the MOST VULNERABLE PEOPLE, I’m sure there will be dozens of small brained idiots rubbing their hands together, at the thought of driving their seriously dilapidated & unroadworthy vehicle’s around for six months, when they would have or should have been scrapped.
    Well done department of transport, I hope no one you’re related too has a serious accident involving one of these unroadworthy vehicles, or a key worker is seriously hurt by one either!
    This needed some conditional guidelines put into place with the extension!!
    Not all motorists are concerned about road safety or the safety of others!!

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    How can you get tax if you do not have an mot?
    My mot is due April 02?
    I won’t be able to tax it online as it will show mot is out?

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    Tim Williams

    I agree with other comments above. We are told we can stay open but now with this announcement i can only imagine people will begin cancelling their MOT. How can we stay open and pay staff when our main source of income is going to be severely reduced over the next six months.Best wishes to all MOT stations and good luck staying in business.

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    Steven Hollinshead

    I won’t be able to afford to open the doors, now I have no MOT’s. Can’t pay my staff to sit around in hope someone needs a minor repair. Would have coped otherwise. Looks like definite bankruptcy and loss of jobs here.

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    In effect now a MOT station only working six months a year from now on !!!!

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    Attention all MOT centers , i understand with current crisis but when over MOT centers now basically a 6 month business only till new cars catch up !!!! somebody not thought this through.

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    Any chance of Government assistance if we go to a 3 day week ?
    Those who are not working have a much reduced car use but those who are working, medical staff etc. are totally reliant on their car to get there.
    The MOT extension only covers half the problem !

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    Christopher Paul James Nunn

    Shocking and ill thought out! Well done DVSA you have provided one more nail in the coffin of small test stations already feeling the pinch from this COVID/19 pandemic which is not the faults of any of us.

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    Christian Prynne

    My calibrations are due end of next month, due you think DVSA will give me a 6 month extension,
    I think not!!

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    Can we have a respose please from insurance companies …when a a car is “kicked in” without an mot they will pay up?

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    When the government declare the all clear(hopefully) all the previously closed pubs,clubs,restaurants will be rammed with people once more.
    Their business income stream will be restored(thankfully), but we as testing stations will be hung out dry for a further six months.
    Scary stuff even after 23 years in the game.
    Makes all the worry about missing stuff on the test and getting points for all these years a load of b..l..ks really.
    If your car,s a , f..k it drive it for 6 months no probs.
    Keep your chin up lads and lasses and good luck.

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    Terrible idea. Whoever came up with this is a complete moron.
    It would have been better to defer the road tax for 3 months (to start), so that at least the vehicles with no mot could at least be kept parked on the road with no fear of clamping. Then the mot could be done as soon as the owner is able.
    However, the mot system does not bring in anywhere near the amount of money that road tax does.
    This decision has been made with money in mind and not safety.

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    Peter Miles

    As I see it this is a nonsense. All it means is that for six months nobody will be getting their car tested with God knows how many faults present or developing and the testing stations will have no income for that time. And yet….as the rules stand we have to keep testing regularly or lose our authorisation to test, we also have to keep unused equipment calibrated and in working order. we have to conduct quality control exercises on tests which aren’t happening and are still compelled to conduct any requested test within a reasonable time at the risk of loss of authorisation if we don’t.
    Then consider that the maximum permitted fee hasn’t gone up for 7 years and at some point we will all be required to invest over £20,000 for connected equipment. I know it’s only needed for change of ownership at present but we all know that isn’t going to last.
    In the light of all that really why bother?

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    Julia Bastin

    We are closing on Monday as a result of this latest crazy idea!
    Most are garages bread and butter, it’s hard enough out there anyway at times without having any Mots for 6 months.
    What planet do some people live on, clearly they don’t run a garage!

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    Hi All
    I am faced with this situation as I run a garage and repair with mot bay. I think repair/mot businesses will qualify for a grant from our local authority under the RETAIL banner in the new help announced by the Gov
    If you have a rateable value up to 15,000 you can get £10000 Ratable values between £15000 and £51,000 its £25,000 Staff who are temp can not work as you have closed can get %80 of their pay. This is for 3 months at present. I would like to hear if anyone thinks this is not correct?? This just may be enough to get though till it all ends
    Good luck all

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