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    Motorists that take their vehicles to franchised dealers for a diagnostic check aren’t always getting a fair price when it comes to finding out what’s
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    Just a note, I’ve been informed by quite a few clients that they have been charged a diagnostic fee even when the vehicles have been under warranty !!!

    VW & BMW call it a ‘consultation fee’

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    david Rathmell

    If customers wonder’s what they pay a little more for? try the recent customer problem caused by just a simple a service carried out at a national fast fit, they could not even get the oil correct on his GTI Resulting in it needing a new cylinder head at over £4k

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    mark mitchell

    i know the fast fit cowboys you mean there oil is called multifleet it goes in every car the do we had a problem with a mini not running right guess what wrong oil hydraulic tappets they had too pay the bill from bmw for there repairs

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    Jeremy Pritchard

    My problem with this research is what is it classing as a diagnostic check? We all know a management systems scan is a 5 minute job but it has to be priced accordingly due to the high costs for equipment. The article also doesn’t state if the diagnostic includes any time physically spent on resolving the issue. For example, lean fault codes in an engine ECU won’t tell you the car has an intake manifold leak or point to the specific problem, this requires further diagnostics. In my business we charge diagnostics by the hour and carry out as many checks and test within that hour as we can. If that is what the dealers are doing then that seems fair. I’m an independent so not on the dealers side at all but this article really is not telling you anything.

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    Please define what is a “simple diagnostic check” !
    It’s not only dealers that need to “clean up there act” People who lead vehicle owners to think that a diagnostic check is a simple process also need to clean up there act !!

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    Cliff Johnson

    The time taken and charged for depends on what issue is being diagnosed!! Is it engine/ transmission /axle it is illogical to have a fixed price What planet is anyone on who thinks that way !!

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    Peter Miles

    I do charge a flat rate of £37+VAT for any diagnostic work. That includes 1/2 hour labour and covers basically a code read, look at live data and usually (if required) a quick scope of the suspect component. After that I go to my normal hourly rate of £40+VAT. The flat charge is to cover (hopefully!) costs of equipment and courses to enable me to actually diagnose correctly.

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    Research carried out by MotorEasy looks like a thinly veiled attempt to gain business by bad mouthing the opposition. We’re an independent so I’m not defending the franchise dealers, many of whom offer abysmal over priced services, but the research findings do not give the questions asked (as previously stated by readers) so it’s not possible to quantify. I don’t know of MotorEasy but they seem to be like many others that use independents and don’t actually do anything themselves. And try to get a service on their website…

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    Jon Morgan

    “A simple diagnostic”! – There’s an interesting concept.
    Motor Easy evidently have no concept of motor vehicle diagnostics which are becoming more complex and multi layered as each year passes.
    It is not possible to give a diagnostic job to any tech in the workshop and expect it to be performed correctly and efficiently. Motor Easy are distinguishing diagnostic work in the same manner as tyre fitting or brake work with set times for bolting parts together.
    A Diagnostic technician is usually at the top end of the pay scale, having many thousands of pounds of continuous personal development levied into his continuous training requirements to keep him on top of his game, as new systems and vehicle types are introduced – He is not a filter spinner.
    The diagnostic is continually given short shrift in this trade by workshop managers and warranty companies etc.. These are the type of people who have no concept of the modern motor vehicle and should be retrained to appreciate just what it is that an effective and successful diagnostic takes. More publicity given to a company that is ill informed and comparing the incomparable.

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    Steven Paterson

    Yet another warranty sponsored article to try drive the prices in this industry down, instead of complaining about the results of the poll perhaps you should learn from them and accept that what you think is a fair warranty labour rate in reality isn’t, pay garages the rate they deserve and increase the prices you charge your customers for the policy, just remember with no garage able to carry out the repairs for your customers, you will be forced to pay dealer rates, the more complicated the cars get the number of garages capable of successfully completing the work dwindles away, those that are capable are very unlikely to be pressured into working for a rate far below what there customers are already paying, we think we are expensive at £60 per hour but looking at the figures above I can see we really should be charging £80+ per hour 🙂

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    keith davis

    The common misconception by car owners and warranty customers is plug the car in get the relevent code the code tells you what the fault is and the the diagnostic guy fixs the fault simples! init, NO WRONG many fault codes on vehicles can be more misleading than helpful for example Citroen c4 grand picasso 2.0hdi rhr engine type,fault reader gives fault codes for EGR ESP/ASR ELECTRONIC HANDBRAKE where in many instances does the fault occure.Answer not electronic at all but just a simple broken handbrake cable,in my opinion the diagnostic of electronic faults on vehicles ie plug in can and does create myths that have got out of control,the public can purchase code readers plug in and hey presto they are now fault fixers just because they can turn off the warning light.I have been in and trained in the motor trade for 47 years yes im called a grandad but please belive it ive seen it all and still do hear it all please please understand DIAGNOSTICS are not simple they can take alot of time to fix and usually can only be fixed whilst the vehicle is stripped down during work in progress.

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