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    The DVSA last night (8 November) won the Digital category of the prestigious Civil Service Awards 2018 for its suite of MOT digital services.

    The services were launched as a key part of an MOT transformation project, which the agency says aims to make a “real difference in getting dangerous vehicles off the roads”.

    Do believe the latest DVSA award is deserving or do you feel test stations are being left to pick up the government’s cost-saving strategy?

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    That’s a joke right?

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    David Aitken


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    mark mitchell

    this is a joke there system goes down more times than a premier footballer

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    I bet they didn’t blush when they accepted it either.

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    I’m Surprised they managed to open the email that told them they had won.

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    Any awards the DVSA / MOT service receive should mention the hard working testing stations who bear the cost of implementing their endless changes. The selling price is then open to market forces and the maximum fee has been frozen for many years… Can you imagine some post offices discounting road fund licence? It’s a joke!

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    I would imagine that a lot of the traffic on the MOT history and recall sites comes from repairers.
    We check every vehicle which comes in even if it is not for an MOT, we also check them on the RFL site.
    If you are carrying out any work you need to know if it is legal to carry out a road test.

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    Really ,really

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    I always smile to myself when I read the vsi and there is a box to priase them for putting back what was there before and was only missing because they removed it

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    Peter Miles

    Having recently had to buy a new gas/smoke tester (£5,500!) to meet the new requirements, having now to pay for my training instead of getting the old, and invaluable, refresher courses we used to have and seeing my overheads and calibration costs just go up every year but then be told that I STILL can’t increase my test charge if this is a joke then I don’t think it’s a very good one!

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    Andrew MacCredie

    I have been on the VTS Council for many years and seen all the work that has gone into building this system I applaud the fact that it has been developed “in-house” so to speak without passing it out to foreign companies to make money from.

    Much of the development work has been and still is trialed by VTS council members and I feel that we have been instrumental in DVSA obtaining this award.

    Well done to them and us.

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