DVSA prosecutes shoddy Bristol MOT tester

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    A Bristol MOT tester has been prosecuted by the DVSA after carrying out sub-standard MOTs in a Keynsham layby. Paul Court-Chandler was found guilty of
    [See the full post at: DVSA prosecutes shoddy Bristol MOT tester]

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    nick seabrook

    A good reason to update your sites nominated tester details when you have a member of staff leave.

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    Who wrote the headline ?

    I don’t think SHODDY quite covers it !

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    Fair point Dougal!

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    graham cox

    what about the people that used this man were they aware the tests were dodgy??

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    kevin appleyard

    Why not fine the car owners as well , they must have been aware that they were buying a pass so are as culpable as the tester.

    The only way to stop these dodgy traders is to educate the public into not using them !

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    Eric Roberts

    This type of thing is usually tied up with trade tests ! We dont do these anymore! eric roberts http://www.mot-halifax.co.uk

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    People like him should get a minimum of 10 years in prison for handing out dodgy mot’s and seriously putting other motorists lives at risk. Crooked Paul Court Chandler is not only shoddy but an unscrupulous thief.

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