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    The UK’s vehicle servicing and repair sector has been told to “be ready” for electric vehicles as the list of mainstream vehicle manufacturers making
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    1) no one said anything to MHM

    2) if you watch “IMI Professional Standards for Electrified Vehicles Automechanika 2019 HD” on youtube you will see yet again Steve the ginger fud is incapable
    Of public speaking so, I will now carry on this post just like he talks!
    Incidentally automechannica were TOLD along with the London motor show
    To block me on Twitter – suspect imi did it!

    3) errrr uuummm errr. Electric cars errr have been, look they have
    Errr errrrr being being errr round 100 errr years. Ok so why
    After 100 years do we need electric cars?

    4) errr errrr urrrm no, no eerr mention of why the imi are errr umm or
    Pushing the government for errrrr electric urrrrrm carrrs.

    5) if you errr look on eeer “companies house” at err filing history
    Where it says “directors Renumeration” err over errum
    £200k for imi directors and £400k profit after err tax

    6) no errr mention of where that tom Denton (who has blocked me on twitter – unprofessionally). Gets his information from?! ok err we all err know
    Dont touch errr uurm orange, look orange cables. Will we err see
    Fully electric cars with errr hv cables part of the loom?
    Like airbag wires used to be separate err loom now part if um vehicle

    7) no errrr mention or er um when electric car stood going to
    Be errrr uurrrmmm scrap if not err charged.

    8) what errr uuurrrmmm if you end up in an errum flood and car gets
    Looks, if car gets broken glass and errr gets wet?

    9) as for tom saying “swap bad cell” no, dont do that, official advise
    Is DO NOT TAKE BATTERY APART. You will also end up frying that
    New cell anyway. Cars of yesterday where you unbolting bad
    Cell, sure, only 6 cells and you got cranking handle for back up

    10) so how can we as garage workers take this seriously err?

    11) given choice of leaving motor trade been in for years and enjoy
    Or joining the self serving, self centred imi, will leave and
    RETRAIN to Become a toilet cleaner, pizza delivery or window cleaner


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    Ha ha. If you own a Hyundai Kona Electric or Hyundai Ioniq, do not charge your EV batteries above 90% capacity, and contact Hyundai local office.

    Source:- Twitter

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)


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