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    Three MOT fraudsters have received sentences following a DVSA investigation into their criminal activities.

    In total, four defendants who worked for Enfield Car Repairs in Enfield were sentenced at Harrow Crown Court on Friday 16 November, having already pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.

    The judge in the case said the defendants’ actions posed a “substantial danger to the public” after a DVSA investigation found that the garage where they worked had issued fraudulent MOT certificates for 73 vehicles.

    None of the vehicles in question had attended the garage for inspection.

    [See the full post at: Enfield MOT fraudsters sentenced after investigation identified 73 fraudulent passes]

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    richard west

    the sentence seems pathetic and im sure they have made far more money than they have paid in fines

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    they should off been jailed too send out a strong message that if you do this sort off thing you will be jailed vosa / the courts need to stop playing around with these people and that if you do this you will get time for it we all know this goes on all over the place it makes the good guys look bad

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    PROF H

    The sentence is pitiful for the prospective lives they could have ruined.

    Prison and deport if not uk citizens

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    Derek Smith

    This just winds me up!!!!

    why “suspended sentence” people could have been killed with those 73 dangerous cars on the road

    Where is the deterrent in this…. actually this is why crime is shooting up across the board… Its the Judiciaries “soft sentence” regime that is causing it. The police could have another 50,000 officers and it wouldnt make any difference if the judges led by the snowflake society, keep arguing for softer sentences and keep letting people off lightly.
    If life is endangered by a crime the criminal should go to prison.. If there is no space build some more… or we could put extra cells in the current prisons, utilising the space made available by getting rid of their football pitches, gymnasiums, games rooms, etc etc

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    jim walker

    Oh dear, more left wing do good’ers handing out pitiful sentences perhaps it should be 10 years or deported not “suspended sentence” people could have been killed with those 73 dangerous cars on the road. I’m so sad to call my self English or British to be politically correct. when will we learn from the past, appease the perpetrator and you will regret it, just glad nobody was hurt with the unsafe vehicles

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    Richard Bruce

    Is the garage still running? what about the owner/ managers? it should be closed down. the 73 vehicles that never visited the garage have the owners been investigated as they must be aware what was going on.
    as I have said before the punishment does not fit the crime.
    they should not ever be allowed to work in the motor trade again for life

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    Eddie Bamber

    There should have been a jail sentence for this. Any foreign national who is imprisoned for whatever crime in this country should immediately be deported on completion of their sentence.

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    harish madhani

    TOOOOOOO soft a sentence , if they were put inside for the term and then yes a decent deterrent, otherwise a waste of everyone’s time . A criminal activity and fraud against the state and you can walk away with what I believe is just a slap on the wrist. Oh dear oh dear.

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    Robert Butcher

    I’m pleased to say my garage and my managers checked daily test Logs and we use stand-alone computers simple to check , these vehicles should be trace And scrapped It should be easy everywhere we go where we go Check by cameras registrations off these vehicles should be public

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    what was the point in taking them to court you mite as well give them a bag of sweets and told them not to do it again.

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    Les asquith

    Gentjan Fejzo is still listed as managing director of this business. I have just booked and MOT while I wait for tomorrow morning. How can that be DVSA.

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    richard west

    so are they red amber or green now

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    Doesn’t time fly, it is April 1st already.
    What a joke !

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    Joe Brookshaw

    This is happening in a lot of mot stations ,some testers just take the car details over the phone ,it’s easy money if they don’t think about any one but your self
    When I used to be a tester the inspector would drop in on you at least 4 times a year without worning.

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    Good work by DVSA ,only to be let down by that sentence .not tough enough

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    Mick Shaw

    73 known vehicles can be taken off the road straight away and retested….never going to happen.How many show current tax and insurance ?
    Pathetic sentences but omit your tyre depth gauge check…….We are a joke

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    PETE G


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    May go on dragons den with this. My pitch is Sell 75 Mots at £100 = £7500 less postage of £20 = profit of £7480 (overheads of £1500 Fine ) net profit of £5980

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    well said

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    PETE G


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    Garry Foster

    The clues in the names they don’t care .
    Probaly already up and running again.

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    simon hit the nail on the head this is a joke sentance ans as some one has pointed out there still tradeing vosa should be in there every second day giveing them a hard time instead they will leave them alone too go about there crooked buisness

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    I was outraged when I read the article, until I saw the names !!
    I wonder if that was why they got a soft, pathetic sentence, I’m sorry if my comment is not ‘PC’ but we reap what we sow !!

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    Unfortunately an all to regular ocourrance. A couple of local garage have been forced to close after years in the business.Their problem was trying to run their garages legally.They cant complete with the influx of garages that are opening with no regard to planning permissions, paying tax, Vat, pensions, waste disposal or indeed any kind of trade qualifications.These illegal garages employ their staff on an off the books cash basis so can quote well below a garage that does things right.If they get caught ( and they rarely do)they just set up again in a different name.It seems even selling fraudulent MOTs doesnt warrant a meaningful deterrent. These are foreign garages and its going to get worse!

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