Government isn’t ‘anti-car’, Transport Secretary insists

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    Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has spoke out to reassure motorists that the government is not wanting to “demonise” drivers following the Prime Mini
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    graham cox

    every week it appears there are new headlines about cars /vans etc
    the whole thing is ill thought out and unrealistic
    we as an established garage are unable to recruit let alone train anybody to work in our business
    the collage schemes are 20 years out of date
    the mechanics we have are telling us that they do not want to work on electric cars
    the charging network in our area is not present
    instead of trying to push electric,why do we as a country not develop synthectic fuels that will keep the present vehicles on the road thus being much more cost effective and green ?????
    does any one have an answer

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    So if after the ban begins you buy and register a new petrol vehicle in a country where they are still available are you able a week later to import it as a used vehicle?

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    Neil Skuse

    Going to need a massive investment in infrastructure and training for this to be realistic-then what do you do with all the toxic battery’s and vehicles at end of life.
    For me Petrol-Diesel running correctly can produce very limited emission’s. The big issue is the human being not keeping his vehicle maintained correctly.

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    Not a good idea at all mechanics are under payed and overworked are they gonna get a pay rise to electrician level most are leaving trade due to not high enough wages get payed more to stack shelves and get discount doubt any one will be able to get there cars fixed

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    graham cox

    good points raised
    is any body in goverment going to explain to us in the independent sector how they plan to achieve there target on electric vehicles
    would one of them be brave enough to come to my garage and explain the plan ??
    myself and my staff would love to meet them,the door is open

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)


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