Government ‘lacks plan’ for 2030 petrol and diesel sales ban

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    The UK government must do more to overcome the ‘huge challenge’ of banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by its 2030 deadline, MPs have warne
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    graham cox

    we all understand that the worlds climate is changing,but the move towards electric cars is not the answer
    the electric option is flawed badly and garages will be unable to employ the reqd staff to train and fix them because for some reason when a garage tries to charge like an electrician the customers are unable/unwilling to pay the invoice
    the motor trade needs to get a cross section of independent garages and sit down with the powers that be and explain to them what it is like dealing with the public and why electric is flawed

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    Peter Miles

    I think they have massively underestimated the number of people without access to off-street parking. So where are they to charge their cars overnight?
    But then it probably won’t be a problem because they won’t be able to afford one anyway! So we’re just going to have to keep the existing combustion engined cars going and going…..
    Which, obviously will do nothing for emissions!

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    To Graham Cocks (first post)

    Think you will find it is much much harder to find an electrical fault
    Than a mechanical one.

    Wheel bearing hanging off diagnosed quick.

    No wipers, no indicators, no windows, no communication to any module

    Would you instantly think “central locking compressor in the boot caught fire and shorted the data bus out”

    As for electric cars/hybrids, have no interest in the drivetrain
    But windows horn lights etc are low voltage and safe (expect jlr heater motor)
    But the imi fuds wanting everyone to be licensed on hybrid/ electric junk
    What is the point!

    Whoever wants electric cars should be forced to drive one 24:7 and also be there when broken one comes up

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)


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