Halfords launches breakdown service with incentives to encourage drivers to its Fast Fits

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    Halfords has announced the launch of a new breakdown recovery service for cars, vans, motorbikes and push bikes. The company is to use a nationwide ne
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    nigel samson

    All this discounting can only result in one thing, overcharging customers once they are inside the door! its the 10p loaf of bread syndrome, they need to make the costs up in other areas. Unfortunately the public are gullable enough to fall for such scams

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    Peter Miles

    I have to agree with Nigel. If they can provide a good quality service at this discounted price then why isn’t that their price in the first place?
    Sadly in my local experience all the fast fits offer is poor workmanship at high prices, despite their claims of being cheap.

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    they get in then they go for gold

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    heather baldwin

    Lots of headlamp bulbs fitted by Halfords are in upside down, how could you trust them to repair your vehicle or even recover it.

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    Where are halfords going to ger the workshop staff to run this
    Thay cannot get and keep mechanics thay have now

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    john philips

    halfrauds at it again

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    As a recovery company, we would be interested to know who the service provider is for the recovery operation?

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    A C Comben

    As they have allready proved they cannot fit even a light bulb correctly what is the chances of them doing this correctly !! ZERO

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    stewart duthie

    Hope this doesnt hurt too much but think hard here ,and take note.
    The DVSA wanted to make the mot every 4 years and then 2 years,and the goverment also consulted on this,then they even thought about doing away with the mot test as cars are more reliable.
    Now we cant even get a price increase as they say too many are cut pricing mots as it is.So the next time all that hack the mot price down,dont moan your pants off if it all goes wrong as you helped f— the system,its a safety related check and should be worth its value. not undermined,then the motorist thinks its a rip off, he does it for 29.99 or worse its free.
    Its a industry that needs to get a grip,and be regulated with licenced tecks,not joe bloggs i sort cars at my wee shed,and its cash in the pocket. if you think your ace then get a grip,no one is that cleaver or good and we are learning all the time,and it costs money for training and equipment,and should reflect on the price,electricians,gas eng etc are all licenced,we should be too.
    Thats how i feel and dont hide it,i been on courses and seen some right neeps at them and wouldnt let them tune a wheel barrow, never mind a good car.

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    I have got to agree with Stewart above In his comments about licensed technicians I own and operate a class 4 test centre and I also carry out LPG Gas safety inspections to commercial mobile catering vehicles to which I have to be Gas Safe registered and licensed to operate but to carry out any repairs to the brakes or steering to such vehicles any Joe bloggs can do it!!!! Come on you do the math tell me what’s more important.

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    David Rowland

    Who’s going to cover the breakdown and recover service for Halfords.

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