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    Andrew Carter

    I see the governments response to GW is to declare UK roads the safest in the world. The ‘if it ain’t broke’ mentality is all well and good but totally misses the point. Assuming (perhaps naively) that all testing stations complete a proper test, irrespective of pricing policy, then of course UK safety levels are high. This is sooo not the issue. FRAUD is the issue, not passing a car that should pass to cover the financial targets of a garage may make no difference to the road safety aspect for now, but once all the honest MOT testing stations have gone under; all that will be left are the crooks. The only way to compete with a business that cheats is to cheat too, or to stop it cheating. The large chains have power and influence and it is a shame that DVSA don’t do more to stop the rot. How many tales of un-necessary work being required does it take to spike interest? It is hard to be honest in the Garage trade and the government and DVSA are not making it any easier. Compulsory fees will stop people being suckered into taking their cars to bicycle repair centres and may stop business owners thinking of the MOT as a cheap form of advertising to pull in unsuspecting customers. We charge full fee and are surrounded by cut price stations but customers always return, sure some have tried KF or H or even bodgers who claim to be testing stations and sub them out (making a loss on the MOT but making up for it by charging for un-needed work) but it always comes back to one thing, ultimately people like to feel they can trust the people charged with ensuring their car is safe to use, but if a garage is prepared to lie doing this, where is their limit.

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    I asked why hasn’t the test fee increased when my overheads have drastically increased. The test fee when confronting a dvsa official is based on the average labour rate, dvsa have certainly cut there overheads, NO forms supplied (meaning no postal delivery costings) no equipment supplied/support, phone lines, NO training services, And No mot slots fee reductions – instead reverse paying for equipment/stationary yearly training and less dvsa support. The cost of keep having to learn what’s new test items only to find many removed and then put back on again. The cost of software upgrades like brexit it’s not good.
    The fees need to increase to at least £60 and NO cut price mots it then shall be up to the presenters to make a choice. One final point 7.5 tons vehicles upwards have one test fee yes no discount why because they are dvsa testers.

Viewing 2 posts - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)


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