Kwik Fit battery blunder leaves driving instructor out of pocket and without car

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    A Kwik Fit battery blunder has left a driving instructor out of pocket and a without car after it fitted the wrong battery to her start-stop equipped car on two occasions. It was only when she took her car elsewhere that a mechanic told her the fast fit had fitted the wrong type of battery.

    Vehicles equipped with start-stop systems require an AGM battery, rather than a traditional SLI battery. Ecobat has predicted that a fifth of battery replacements will be AGM by 2020 and warns that garages require special tools and fitting procedures to prevent their premature failure.

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    Nicholas Smith

    That’s an expensive headache for Kwik-Fit.

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    Tim Hubbard

    We had a new customer in yesterday for service and mot and when checking lights the n/s headlamp had every fixing bolt missing.The customer had a new head light bulb fitted by KWIK FIT on her Fiesta last April.

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    Why people still use this company is beyond me. They treat the staff like poo and employ numpty’s !!

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    If you recall the add “You can’t get quicker than a Kwik Fit fitter”.

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    Philip Dunmore

    If she is earning £3000 per week why is she financially struggling?
    Bad decision using QF. Reputation is the pits for good reason. Find a good independent by recommendation and stick with them. Any emergency repair, get them to check ASAP.

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    Always change batteries like for like , it’s best practice

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    With the complexity of modern cars you can’t be to careful it was a simple but costly mistake lm afraid it won’t be the last.

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    Neil Cogan

    There are a lot of cheap batteries out there but you need to check what is standard on the vehicle and replace like for like because if you fit a cheap/wrong battery on the vehicle it could take out modules which would cost hundreds to put right.

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    This is something we’ve encountered on more than one occasion, and as todays cars become more and more complex I can only see it increasing. As an independent garage we have for many years covered all makes but over recent times we have moved our business to specialise because it is almost impossible to be up to date on all makes. AGM batteries are advanced technology and on many vehicles have to actually be coded to the vehicle using diagnostic equipment. As hybrids and EV’s become more common place, how long before a major tragedy occurs at the likes of KwikFit.

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    That’s what happens when you use a two bob out fit like quick fit!!!!!

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    Should stick to selling parts and leave the fitting of parts to professionals !

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    jim walker

    you cant teach a monkey to stand on its head and pick its toe nails so why expect mechanics to know anything about electrical engineering, if they were taught properly then they would know the very simple rules regarding different battery types, how to tell one from another and how to fit and charge them. this just goes to prove how badly trained most of the uk’s mechanics are. go to Europe and compare training and regulation of mechanics, they could wipe the floor with us

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