MOT backlog to peak in October, DVSA data suggests

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    The number of MOT tests is set for a dramatic increase following a return to mandatory testing on 1 August, DVSA data seen by Garage Wire shows. The n
    [See the full post at: MOT backlog to peak in October, DVSA data suggests]

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    Alastair Mayne

    We’ve been expecting the demand spike to happen in October/November ever since the silly 6 month extension was first put into place. We have been encouraging out customers to retain their original test dates for a number of reasons. Firstly by explaining to them that it is their responsibility to ensure that their car is safe & road worthy (and how will they know without it being tested?). Also, as they are used to always having their MOT test at the same time of year it is easier for them to remember and keep to the same routine, and finally because it will be far more difficult to book an MOT test appointment in six months time because of the overwhelming demand due to the additional test that will be required. Of course the sensible customers have understood this reasoning and have followed our advice. The other customers who have just looked at this as an opportunity to not spend their test fee for a further six months are also the sort of customer who usually presents their cars for an MOT test on the day of expiry, to be told afterwards “didn’t you realise that you have four bald tyres and two broken springs?” (Or something similar). Who would usually reply “No I didn’t, but that might expect the knocking noise we’ve been hearing for the last couple of months!”.
    As far as our preparation for this is concerned, we have on full-time MOT tester (who does nothing else but tests), plus one of other technicians is also qualified, and we are thinking of getting another one trained up in time for the spike too. We are lucky that we have a total of three testing lanes so if necessary, testing can be done on these ramps instead of servicing, but we will also need the ability to deal with the inevitable spike in necessary repairs in order for these vehicles be become road-worthy again.
    Fortunately we do love a challenge!

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