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    Vehicle owners are once again being warned about the dangers of buying car parts online in a bid to save money. Research by Zero Deposit Car Leasing f
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    The fact that customers are buying such parts is of course putting other motorists in potential danger. I also feel that it is difficult for all garages to refuse to fit such parts, being that customers are not as willing to spend money on keeping their cars up together as they once were. The extra labour charges can be impossible to turn down for a struggling garage. The rise in ease of obtaining a hire/purchase cars is a contributing factor to this. However, how has it become acceptable for a customer to supply their own parts full stop. Profit in parts is what helps keep a business going. You don’t see plumbers customers supplying their own copper piping, so why should any car component be supplied let alone safety critical parts. Which as ‘all us in the know’ know, is near on every part that a customer can get hold of.

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    Counterfeit parts exist because making them is profitable.
    This is partly because they bear no design costs but largely because vehicle manufacturers set the price so high for genuine.
    Should knocking your Fiesta mirror on the gate post cost £250 for parts ?
    Should driving light LEDs failure on a Kia mean a new headlamp at £550 ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)


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