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    Recently, while teaching one of my professional evening courses, the topic of labour rates was raised as part of a general discussion about how busine
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    I am consistently measured as least efficient technician in a busy franchised dealer .
    Joining the trade at 15 now 44 with almost 30 years experience my targeted efficiency is becoming evermore difficult to attain with the complex systems I am responsible for working on .
    It is demoralising being singled out to increase my efficiency (therefore overall workshop efficiency) every other month with no support on effecting it other than work harder , longer or just be faster on the ever decreasing run of the mill servicing and repair work .
    A pressure not afforded on the technicians churning out maintenance/repairs day after day .
    I value my knowledge and skill set however I do not feel valued as part of the team .
    In fact ostracised is closer to reality .
    The restrictions on holidays and lack of quality downtime this year has been enormously challenging only serving to add more questions than answers .
    Here comes the question!!
    Would it be wrong for the younger generation coming through to think they would be better spinning filters all day long for effectively the same pay without the stresses and responsibilities of being one of the 20% currently up to current training requirements ?
    It’s not an old debate this is it really …
    Trouble for the industry is minimum wage is coming up to meet us all with our transferable skills .
    Today I got to the bottom of another in-depth diagnostic repair using my initiative after exhausting any technical support offered .
    Outcome vehicle fixed with time allotted to time taken anyone’s guess but I can guarantee it won’t be time taken on my scorecard .
    Yeah I’ve been called difficult or arrogant even for expressing my views but I know I’m not the only one in this position . (for now)
    I agree know your worth … and if you are luckier than me you’ll be supported by people around you who value it too (AND CHARGE FOR IT)
    Ps personally it’s not all about money .. thing is I always know how much money I have … time that’s another thing altogether .

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    “Peter” sounds like your in a Mercedes dealership.
    Who ever they are, if I was you, set up a ‘fake’ email, use another
    Name, email the UK importer with every email address you can find for them
    Then also the parent company, pointing out your issues.

    So if the HQ get nasty you are under a ‘false’ name so no chance of getting
    The sack.

    You could contact “Andy Savva” “the garage inspector” try not to look at any
    Photos or videos of him, as you will instantly think like me, he is nothing more than a caveman, looks, walks & talks like one, but if when your on holiday next
    See if you can arrange for him to contact your branch ceo, see if can post some stuff out, see if ever mentioned after your holiday. Of course never let him anywhere near your workplace with nothing more than a tin of paint, not unless you want tyres stacked under stairs and 4000 litres of plastic oil vessels
    With a sandblaster on top.

    As for diagnostics of nasty rotten cars I bet the full sake of argument 15 hours
    At £140+VAT/hour would have been placed on desk for customer to pay.

    See if you can spend a few days doing services!

    Perhaps next nasty job if you can tell customer three hours then fixed or not bail and 3 hours to pay. Feedback your fault/fix as yourself to technical support.

    If the customer returns with sweets etc, bet your bottom dollar office staff would have pigged them.

    Is your company IMI professional or RMI members?
    Contact them with said fake email

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