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    Having been an MOT tester and quality controller since the days of handwritten tickets and embossing stamps, I have seen changes to the MOT test, test
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    Lee Heywood

    I don’t know exactly how dvsa police the not system but reading the not forums it seems they are reluctant to act on information given to them by testers themselves. Many times we as testers witness recently tested cars that should never of passed and if reported by testers nothing is done about it.

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    graham cox

    completely agree with lee we see garages around us cut price mots and pass anything but never seem to get checked !!!
    we try to do the job correctly and as our testers say we are not getting repeat business because the public seem to want cheap work and low test standards we have been trading for 30 years and as far as we can tell the foreign guy up the road testing in a shed at £35.00 per test is busy all day and weekends
    needs regulation and raising of standards

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    Agree completely. Customers now look for the cheapest with everything. This could be a cheap MOT that passes regardless or, a cheap MOT that stings them for work that should not have failed. I have never liked the broad range of what garages can charge for an MOT and, I believe it should be a set price across the board. This will not stop incompetent testers but will give us genuine testers a chance to prove our worth

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    Richard Guest

    Agreed, improvements do seem to come thicker and faster these days but there are still some glaring inconsistencies and grey areas that need addressing. Also, as stated above, I firmly believe that MOT test prices should be standardised and compulsory and not open to discounting which, I think, would encourage the customer to find somewhere he/she trusts rather than looking for a cheap option which, so often, seems to backfire.

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    Craig Ross

    I agree with all the comments made above BUT .. There is no way THE DVSA can enforce a “statutory fixed” price MOT…. Let me explain: When a Garage advertise a cut price MOT as part of a service … £150.00 … at present the £150.00 is made up of say £30.00 for the MOT & £120.00 for the service … if DVSA makes the MOT fee non-negotiable £54.85 then the garage will offer the same overall cost=£150.00 … but the MOT cost will now be £54.85 & the service £95.15 ….. when the car is booked in just for an MOT £54.85 then the garage may offer a discount vouchure of say £30.00 to be used against the next purchase …. this voucher could be used by friends & family also …. I know this sounds cynical but we are all business men & like business men some are always looking to beat the system.

    In regard to Richards comments about the inconsistencies in the MOT manual i agree whole heartedly … I am an IMI Accredited Assessor / Trainer for the IMI Lvl 2 nominated tester award & i have to read weekly the Inspection Manual & Guide to try to make sense of the inconsistences … i continually Email DVSA & the IMI to query the content of these two “Bibles” only to be told “thank you for my enquiry & they will look into it” … thats if i get a reply at all.
    My latest query was about last years on-line exam .. i detailed 10 questions where the answers were incorrect … I actually spoke to a person at DVSA only to be told that the IMI set the questions … i phoned the IMI & was told DVSA set the answers … WHATS THE POINT?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)


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