Part-worn tyre fitted days before 70mph motorway crash

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    A £25 part-worn tyre has been identified as a contributing factor which caused a 70mph motorway crash, an independent investigation has found. The tyr
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    If Trading Standards have never had an issue with them, how com they are “complying” with them as they always have ?
    Owner of vehicle should bear some responsibility for purchasing a worn tyre !

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    It’s not a cheap tyre NOW is it!
    £18000 , lucky she didn’t kill herself and her passenger’s.

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    It does not seem to me that the part worn tyre has anything to do with the tyre failing. Reading the information above I interpret that as a tyre having had three previous repairs. When a tyre has operated under inflated to such an extent that the tyre material is deflecting in various directions while in use, it is possible to the deflection of the material could impact the repairs and then the patch start to separate from the body of the tyre. We all have customers arriving at reception asking for part worn tyres because they are cheaper than new. It’s just to get by temporarily and the customer says will have a new one in due course, well of course they will. Time for the professional trade to step in and put the government in their place and just make it illegal to fit anything that is not brand new. the government are as much to blame here as anyone else.

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    Richard Bruce

    its all a shame! we do not fit part worn tyres as my public liability insurance does not cover me and I have to declare each year to them that I do not fit part worn tyres. so how any one else in a professional capacity can do this is beyond me, also if repairing a puncture if the tyre has been already had a previous repair [easy to spot!!] I will not carry out a second let alone a third repair. I would be holding the person who fitted the tyre responsible. Budget tyres also should be banned we have customers with £60k of cars who request budgets !!!!. the owner should also be punished for buying a cheap tyre and putting not her life but other at risk. should social services be called because she did put her children at risk by putting them in the car and driving with the knowledge of a part worn tyre being fitted!!. on another note ref tyres I also get customers coming in that have had tyes fitted at a tyre specialist!! with the question why do my tyres keep going down the answer is simple all it needs is and extra 5- 10 mins spent cleaning the rims and don’t use that black Shit.

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    Alloy wheels are not always the best at maintaining correct tyre pressures, the manufactures seem to use some type of coating to prevent them from becoming porous which after some time deteriorates. I have an Audi with alloy wheels and have spent good money on tyres only to find that even those tyres loose pressure over time, the wheels being the problem.

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    andrew watkins

    The report says the tyre lost pressure due to improper repairs to the bead area, i am no tyre expert but you would not be able to repair the beading would you, isn’t it the edge of the tyre.If the driver had checked the tyre pressure before her trip she would have noticed the low pressure.
    Always someone elses fault

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    I agree that fitting of part worn tyres should not be allowed, the tyre is the main thing that keeps the car on the road. I do have to question how her son ‘banged his head on the back of her seat’ during the accident? Wasn’t he securely strapped in then? That’s not the tyre’s fault!

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    Norma Fitzpatrick

    David and Richard very well said summed up beautifully

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    Roy Bryant

    Every one of us that have bought a used car has had part worn tyres on it and have not known their history.

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    If you read it it is the place that sold and fitted the tyre that said they had never had a problem before,

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