Police search for men after taking car from garage without paying for repairs

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    Police are searching for three men in connection with thousands of pounds worth of car repairs not being paid. A Nissan Navara, was taken to a garage
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    brad doulton

    We have seen a fair bit of this in the past in this area from travellers.
    They would book the vehicle in for work, then when they turn up, they would add extra jobs, and when the vehicle is ready, they would ask for time to pay.
    When this is refused, they then get aggressive, and tell you to remove the parts and give the vehicle back in the same state. Obviously this can’t be done, so then the descend mob handed on the premises and threaten violence.
    This has happened several times in east Kent that i am aware of, and we had one try it with us.
    Luckily, the bill was so small, that i just let it go as it’s not worth having your garage burnt down over a few hundred quid.
    Since this has happened to us, if i suspect any sort of problem may occur with anyone, then we ask for a deposit for the parts upon booking, and give a lead time of 3-4 weeks.
    Sorts the men from the chaf.

    And just before anyone says the obvious, no, i am not saying that all travellers are the same.

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    We had this happen to us in 2018. The young man came in for an estimate and then left the vehicle. When it was completed we contacted them to collect, but never got a reply. Then 3 of them turned up on the Saturday afternoon, when my boss was on his own, we believe this was planned. The vehicle was boxed in but this is where they were very cunning. One was very aggressive, complaining about the work, one was passive and one just held out his hand. The complaining was constant and going round in circles but my boss just insisted they leave the vehicle and we would sort it, although the complaint was rubbish, and without thinking about it my boss gave the keys to the one holding out his hand. Then the next thing he knows the vehicle is being moved with great care and then they drove off. Over £3000 worth of work and parts gone and no chance of recovery.

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    Peter Stringer

    Almost certain this will be travellers , had many cases of this in our area and worse. Police completely useless , as these pieces of low life seem to have more rights to commit crime than we have rights as victims. High time the government cracked down on this.

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    We had a similar experience were threatened with violence so they snatched the vehicle. The police said it is civil matter and did nothing. Travellers seem to be exempt from the laws of the land.

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    This has happened to us few years ago with Travellers repair and quote was agreed 3 men came to pick the car up one asked for the keys to listen to the engine whilst 2 there stayed in the office then all of a sudden he drove off we gave chase but to no avail and the other 2 men ran off aswell!!

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    This has been going on for at least 20 years. Had same experience where we fitted an engine for a traveller and he wouldn’t pay until he road tested it. Yep you guessed it never see him again and the vehicle was sold the following day.

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    George hepbourne

    Scum travellers , I’ve had the same on a few occasions over the 30 years in business. Even assaults don’t gain any interest from the police , I think they know it’s a dead end lead for them !

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    Richard Cartledge

    Nomadic criminal community no doubt. They also come into our supermarket fill a trolley and then another comes in and fills one with the same things from a list, one pays and gives the receipt to the other who then uses it as proof of paying if challenged.

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    James Caan

    Ive seen travellers steal and look at the camera’s, they simply dont care, Police dont do anything even though they know who they are .

    Ask yourself why they dont do this to the main dealerships – its coz they have procedures and if they are slightly suspcious they dont take the work on. I always turn down work from gypsy and where im not sure just get them to proniuce the word caaaaar its a dead give away. No seriously get them to pay upfront and sign paperwork.

    Best course of action is dont entertain them, its not worth the hassle. If your still not sure dont take the risk.

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