Suspended prison sentence “slap in the face” following workshop burglary

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    A technician who waited almost two years for a thief who raided his garage workshop to face justice has voiced his anger after the criminal dodged a p
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    Richard Bruce

    someone who commits a crime and destroys lives should be shot at dawn, very little cost to the government and eventually we get rid of scum

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    M Bracey

    We were burgled a long time ago the same thing happened totally cleared us out over a new year break, they caught the guy who was storing our tools and equipment he would not let on who stole it.

    Shared the Lift with the toe rag, from the second floor of Bristol Crown Court, before he got on the bus home !

    I feel your pain !

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    stephen miller

    I’ve had numerous thefts over the years, most with good cctv but the police don’t want to know!
    all they do is give you a crime number!
    In one incident the alarm company called me and said police had been called, i got there within minutes, then waited over ‘FOUR HOURS’ for the police to arrive, despite several phone calls to them no one ever turned up!!!
    It seems there is no law and you can do what you like and nothing will happen!
    Lets all be criminals and scroungers!!!

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    Dave Wilson

    My work premises where targeted when a transit van drove to the rear of the workshops and stole 1000 pounds worth of new car battery’s all the footage was recorded on cctv the vehicle had a defective rear plate which one number was unreadable the police said we don’t have the resources to check the data base for the missing letter. what an obsolete load of rubbish!
    I said if I had drove away from a fuel station without paying with the same defective plate you would be knocking at my door.

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    Lawrence Wells

    The law in this country is not fit for purpose. I just got a letter from crown court saying “not guilty” for a toerag that stole a computer from my garage then tried to blackmail me. Despite being caught red handed and costing me thousands he is now walking the streets looking for another scam. The police have their hands tied by all the human rights for the criminals and the victims just get forgotten.

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    It’s an unfortunate truth, the system is broken, not that the laws are not their, they are we need an establishment that prosecutes and punishes in a meaningful way. And by that I mean everything from the smallest misdemeanor upwards. A free society has to have rules and the establishment should enforce those rules without fear or favor. Unfortunately for our so called free society the establishment cow-towes to the elite and rich and it’s own. And then fails the general population with it’s poor response to the crimes committed against the rest of us. Yes we can have insurance but we shouldn’t have to insure against this type of threat, when you buy a spanner you should only have to buy it once. In 35 years of self employment I have been the victim of break-ins, thefts and threats of violence 17 times in my workshops and no body has ever been prosecuted even when caught and evidence and witness statements are good the establishment has an excuse and the perp walks away. . . . yes the system is Broken

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