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    There are some who speculate on the future of independent garages, especially with advances in vehicle technology and manufacturers making it even mor
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    Garry Foster

    The big problem effecting us all is lack of qualifed staff and the loose of so many customers to private lease deals.

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    Steven Paterson

    Access to information and tooling has never been easier than it is now and I don’t think Brexit will change that, the biggest problem is the financial outlay, many garages are trying to compete with fred in the shed type garages, ones with no insurance, dealing in cash only and paying workers on the side, make life as hard as possible for them, then you will start to see investment by garage owners in there future plans

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    Independent’s have lost most of there young vehicle work, with service costs buried in the purchase price and then offered free. The lease company demanding dealer servicing and the cartel dealers are creating.
    Without the new vehicle work it becomes difficult to pay well enough to recruit and retain the skill level required, and investment has to be less. Unless the playing field is levelled the future of competent independents is likely to be short.

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    Barry Parker

    I consider BTE Automotive to be one if the most forwardvthinkibg Independent Fanily operates Automotive garages in the UK.

    We all know the fundamental technologies in friction, steering, suspension and engine design are pretty much the same as they have always been – and that won’t change too much (exclusions accepted). The fundamental issue I foresee is the COST of training. BOSCH charging some £200+ per day (min two day course). Plus the loss of a technician for those two days. It is not sustainable to compete the required training to adhere to the new technologies.

    As mentioned above the money grabbing intermediates AND cash taking driveway repairs are destroying the industry.

    We need regulation and support ASAP!!!

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    Andy Reynolds

    Hi Barry,my thoughts exactly, you are a man in the real world.

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    Alex sharp

    Exactly my same opinion.
    Some form of licence to trade which is enforced would help. Also regarding parts supply, if the same trade licence details were required on record for parts suppliers before they could issue parts, that may help?.
    Trade only suppliers still selling to anyone and their dog and the E-bay specials on parts make the situation worse. If workshops would refuse to fit customer supplied parts and with “Fred in the Shed” not forking out for his appropriate licence we could maybe make more headway.

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    Not sure I can see that working, nobody will pay to police it.

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