Z.M. infrared heater

Get fast delivery on this super efficient durable heater

Z.M. infrared heater
12 months warranty - spares and service parts in UK stock.

Buy the Z.M. infrared heater for just £299 + VAT.

The Z.M. infrared heater is sourced from a world-leading factory, comes with a UK 220-240V mains plug supplied and has a built in variable thermostat control for auto on / off cycling and runs.

  • Digital room temperature read-out with built-in diagnostics (not on ZMQ-K70 only).
  • Full safety controls include flame-out and overheat shut-down.
  • UK manual inc service procedures, trouble-shooting, parts diagrams etc.
  • Made in South Korea.

To order or to find out more, please contact your local branch of The Parts Alliance by clicking ‘more details’ below, quoting ‘Garage Essentials Summer 2017’ or call 0121 7498801.

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