Comline underlines filter range strength

A new year but the same focus on quality: the message emanating from Comline Auto Parts as 2018 gets underway

Comline underlines filter range strength
Comline filters offer a best-of-both-worlds mix of performance and value for money and it’s easy to see why the brand is trusted by aftermarket businesses worldwide.

In the latest issue of GW Views, the award-winning distributor of all-make replacement parts underlines the strength of its filter range and explains why Comline is ‘First for Filters’.

Since being founded in 1991, Comline has grown exponentially in terms of its size, product offering and distribution, and it is now, officially, one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

However, a quick scroll back through history shows where it all began for Comline: filters.

Filters is the product category where the company first came to prominence and it continues to be the core category for the Comline brand.

Today, more than 1,800 product part numbers are available, spanning air, oil, fuel, cabin/carbon categories, with millions of filters sold every year across more than 40 countries worldwide.

Comline product quality is proven, but the brand’s desire for continuous improvement is clear to see, as evidenced by the recent announcement that Comline has joined the industry elite by becoming a member of the International Filter Testing Services (IFTS), one of the world’ foremost filtration testing organisations.

Results of IFTS analysis of Comline filters will allow the company to operate even tighter controls across its range and complement in-house testing conducted inside the Comline Quality Lab at its UK headquarters.

The blend of in-house and IFTS testing, as well as Comline’s participation in the IFTS Scientific Committee, will result in ‘better than ever’ filter performance.

All-new product brochure

To complement its filter portfolio, Comline has created an all-new product brochure designed to showcase the technical aspects of its filters and demonstrate the work that takes place behind the scenes to ensure every one of over 1,800 Comline filters delivers nothing but consistent and reliable performance.

From vehicle parc analysis and quality control, to the anatomy of a filter, the all-important filter media and the brand’s Precision Pleat Geometry (PPG), Comline’s new brochure gives the reader a complete appreciation for what makes Comline the complete package.

Comline customers can view and download this new brochure from MyComline, the company’s refreshed marketing portal and hard copies are already being made available.

This brochure spearheads an array of Comline ‘First for Filters’ support materials also available to customers through the MyComline marketing portal.

From banners and posters to clothing and promotions, Comline has a toolbox of materials available to its customers in support of its filter range.

Comline augments its comprehensive, high-quality range with further attributes which make its filter offering even more attractive.

The first of these is value-for-money.

Comline has built its business and reputation on delivering genuine value-for-money to the aftermarket and, despite the unwavering quality focus, Comline filters continue to honour this promise.

Comline also invests heavily in its data portfolio to ensure that each filter is supported by detailed product information.

Here in the UK the Comline brand is a certified data supplier to MAM Autocat+ and has TecAlliance ‘A’ rated status to service customers across Europe and beyond.

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