Former Stig tests the BG Products fuel saving service

GW meets former Ben Collins to find out how BG Products plans to restore performance and economy in his very own Landy

Former Stig tests the BG Products fuel saving service

It’s 8.30am on a chilly spring morning and former Stig, Ben Collins has just arrived at InterPro Bristol in his Lander Rover Defender for a new lease of life – here’s what happened.

BG Products recently signed the Top Gear legend as its new brand representative.

Best known as The Stig from BBC’s internationally acclaimed Top Gear TV Show and now presenting a motoring slot on Jay Leno’s Garage Show in the US, BG Products are excited to have Ben on board.

Andy Cotton, Director of BG Products GB said: “We see Ben as the perfect person to test BG’s Powerflow Services and interpret the technical performance data for the British motorist.

“His experience, motoring knowledge, plus energy and enthusiasm is an ideal fit for BG.”

With the initial dyno results on Ben’s Land Rover recorded, it’s off to a local workshop where the Defender will experience BG’s ‘fuel saving service’.

It utilises BG’s top selling BG44K in the tank to clean the fuel system and restore injector efficiency and BG’s Engine Performance Restoration to flush the oil system to restore compression and remove old contaminated oil ready for fresh oil to be added.

“Like taking the clock back”

Back at InterPro the following day, Ben casts an experienced eye over the pre and post service data and is impressed by the significant changes.

Much more consistent torque is available throughout the rev range – and there is a striking max gain of 7ft/lbs.

Having a renowned test driver on the team, it seemed remiss not to give the vehicle a proper test drive.

While off-roading Ben reported that his classic Land Rover’s performance was much more responsive.

The improved torque meant the drive was “like taking the clock back to when it was new”, he said.

Andy Cotton said: “All the testing BG carries out proves our chemistry’s effectiveness in restoring engine performance and improving fuel economy.

“Drivers who aren’t utilising this practical cleaning technology are missing out – it’s costing them money and holding back their driving experience.

“Instead, let’s put the smile back on the face of Britain’s motoring public and money back in their pockets.”

For further information about Ben’s ongoing partnership with BG Products, select ‘more details’ below.

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