Garages failing to inform motorists of choice when it comes to preventative maintenance

Workshops that DO offer a choice of preventative services generate profits in excess of £1,000 per month, experts say

Garages failing to inform motorists of choice when it comes to preventative maintenance
BG Products says it provides quality products and equipment to automotive professionals to perform necessary maintenance services on consumer vehicles.

Garages are failing in their responsibility to inform motorists of their choices regarding vital preventative maintenance products, which is a wasted opportunity for “justifiable, ethical profits”, says BG Products GB.

Research by AutoVHC suggests the automotive service industry is missing out on around £1 billion of revenue because it is not offering customers additional service options that the motorist may want or would benefit from.

BG Products say that medium-sized independent garages can, and do, make profit well in excess of £1,000 per month when they offer additional services and go on to retain customers.

£1,000 profit a month

Despite this, only a small number of customers ask for something to restore economy.

When asked, “Would you like to save money on fuel?” according to BG, customers say “yes” to fuel saving products in excess of 70 per cent of the time.

Paul Dobbyn, director of BG Products GB, explained that independent garages in the same town, with the same catchment areas, are having totally different experiences.

He said: “Some garages believe that their customers do not want to spend money on their cars.

“Others have the attitude that ‘it’s the customers’ choice as to what level of service they want.

Responsibility to offer choice

“It’s our responsibility to inform them of their choices – and let them decide”

A survey carried out by the DTi looked into motorists’ factors when choosing a garage.

Factors such as care, knowledge and reputation featured highly while just two per cent said cost was the most important factor.

Mr Dobbyn related the example of a front desk advisor who was told her annual rise was being swapped for performance based pay.

He said: “She decided she would give it a go and lo and behold the next 14 customers bought a flush when the benefits were explained and offered.

“A top quality fuel system cleaner and carbon-dissolving oil flush should be standard offerings to all car drivers for the sake of their cars.

“Anything less is demonstrably not offering their customers the protection they deserve, a standard service cannot clean injectors and piston rings, and it is throwing away justifiable, ethical profit.”

Garages that believe customers won’t pay for any additional services don’t offer them, which means customers don’t know about the service and are unable to buy them.

BG Products say such garages are failing to offer the best advice to customers while also failing to generate ethical profits.

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