Platinum International explains why you should choose LUKOIL

Manufacturer-approved oil "for a fraction of the price"

Platinum International explains why you should choose LUKOIL

As the third largest private oil company in the world, LUKOIL manufacture of around 1.2 million tonnes of oil and market in more than 40 countries across the globe, Platinum International reports.

LUKOIL boasts more than 400 OE approvals across the entire lubricants range, gained from vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, Vauxhall and VAG Group.

A spokesperson for Platinum International said: “LUKOIL is priced very competitively, meaning that you, can offer your customer a manufacturer approved oil for a fraction of the price of some of the other reputable oil brands.

“LUKOIL have a full range of products available to suit every need, be it the Genesis range for passenger cars, or the Avantgarde range for commercial vehicles.”

LUKOIL Lubricants can be purchased from Alliance Automotive, GROUPAUTO and United Aftermarket Network member branches.

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