Reader review: Swarfega Stop Quick, Jizer and Duck Oil

Technicians at The Car and Van Centre get their hands on three of Swarfega's popular maintenance products

Reader review: Swarfega Stop Quick, Jizer and Duck Oil
Swarfega Stop Quick, Jizer and Duck Oil.

The long renowned brand’s range of degreasing and maintenance products is an all-encompassing collection designed for use in the professional workshop. GW Views puts three of the most popular products in the range to the test.

At The Car and Van Centre in Northumberland, mechanic and MOT tester, Chris Ewart has been trying out Swarfega’s Jizer, Stop Quick and Duck Oil.

Jizer is a water-rinsible parts degreaser that quickly dissolves heavy deposits of mineral oil, grease, tar, bitumen and waxes.

Chris explained that he had used Jizer to degrease belly pans and said that it proved to be even more effective to his normal degreaser, quickly dissolving the grease.

It’s available in a 500ml aerosol and 5L packs with bulk supply in 25L, 100L and 200L containers for use in the workshop and with parts washing systems where the fluid can be re-used.

Swarfega Jizer

  • Effective dissolving action removes heavy deposits.
  • Concentrated strength and high absorption rate means just a small amount works wonders.
  • Quickly and thoroughly cleans engines, motors, components and parts and machinery and
  • Added rust inhibitor helps reduce corrosion during the degreasing process.
  • Rapidly separates from dirt and grime for repeated re-use and high economy.

Chris used Stop Quick on a number of jobs and told GW that it was great for cleaning brakes and clutches, and is quick to work meaning jobs take less time.

With its lemon odour, it’s pleasant to work with too.

Swarfega Stop Quick is available as a 500ml aerosol or 5l and 25l containers.

Swarfega Stop Quick

  • A quick drying formulation leaves surfaces dry and without an oily residue.
  • Low surface tension allows it to rapidly disperse across surfaces to dampen and absorb brake
    dust and particles.
  • Suitable for use on all external brake parts, clutches, carburettors, callipers, contacts, starter
    motors, springs and pistons.

Swarfega’s silicone-free, non-conductive Duck Oil got plenty of use in The Car and Van Centre, according to Chris who said it seemed to be more effective than their usual choice of lubricant.

Once soaked, Chris explained that seized nuts could be worked lose.

Swarfega Duck Oil

  • Displaces water, prevents corrosion, penetrates/releases, lubricates, electrical insulator
    and damp starter and light degreaser.
  • It is an electrical insulator and acts as a light degreaser.
  • Can be used on all types of electrical equipment without impairing performance.
  • Insulates electrics due to high dielectric strength.
  • Low surface tension means it can easily penetrate, lubricate and protect without need to dismantle parts.

Leaving his review on the three products, Chris said: “We used all three of these Swarfega products on a daily basis and I’d say that each performed well.

“Most mechanics will have definitely heard of these products and i’d happily recommend them to anyone.”

Chris concludes his review with a four-star rating.

For more information on the range of degreasing and maintenance products from Swarfega, click ‘more details’ below.

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