Watch: Boston ‘connected’ decelerometer stores service and parking brake data in single road test

Connected MOT equipment rules now extended to include decelerometers

Watch: Boston ‘connected’ decelerometer stores service and parking brake data in single road test
Boston’s new wireless DC-7500 connected decelerometer.

Boston’s wireless DC-7500 delivers a simple, seamless solution for MOT stations requiring a connected device.

Brake test results are automatically transferred to the control PC via Bluetooth once the device is in range, and the data is then seamlessly uploaded to the MOT Testing Service (MTS).

Brad Calcutt, director of Boston Garage Equipment said: “When developing our connected decelerometer it was important that we provide customers with a wireless device to avoid the inconvenience of cables.

“For an item that’s not often used by MOT stations, it’s crucial for testers that it’s simple to operate.

“The large LCD display provides clear step-by-step instructions and our TestWatcher software seamlessly transfers results to the MTS keeping the tester informed that data has been successfully uploaded.

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“The whole process is designed to save testers both time and stress.”

Approved for all MOT classes, the DC-7500 comes with its first two years’ calibration, windscreen attachment, charger and storage case.

The device is also suitable for non-MOT use such as fleet maintenance checks, and can be used to test all types of braked vehicles e.g. tractors, cranes etc.

For such use, Boston offers A4 printed results that fleet and heavy machinery operators can keep on file.

‘One-key’ DVSA connection

The advantage of a Boston connected test lane is that all equipment is operated from one PC control station using one software solution.

This means that only one DVSA electronic ‘key’ is required and testers benefit from faster, simpler testing, streamlined service and support, and simplified installations.

No other UK supplier currently offers these benefits, according to Boston.

Connected MOT equipment

Boston exhaust gas analysers, diesel smoke meters, brake testers, and decelerometer are all DVSA approved for use as connected equipment with many customers already connected to the MTS.

In addition, Boston connected equipment comes with a free customer website where all test data and useful statistics are displayed along with equipment calibration dates.

For more information about Boston’s complete range of MOT and garage equipment select ‘more details’ below.

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