Why TMD Friction launched its Textar brake brand for the aftermarket

Exclusive interview reveals why the brand was introduced to the aftermarket and how its friction material is developed

Why TMD Friction launched its Textar brake brand for the aftermarket
Textar's uncompromising approach to product excellence has been the ethos of the brand for more than 100 years.

OE friction manufacturer, TMD Friction launched its Textar brand to the UK’s automotive aftermarket in 2017. 

The range covers 99.9 per cent of UK car parc and includes pads, discs and accessories, all available for next day delivery.

Speaking to GW Views, UK sales manager at TMD Friction, Nick Hayes said: “Textar is our OE brand and sits at the top end of the market place.

“It’s the choice of many vehicle manufacturers and is now available to the aftermarket, satisfying the demand for a higher quality product.

“It’s an opportunity for independent garages to offer high specification friction material.”

Satisfying demand

Ian Featherstone, TMD Friction’s research and development director said it can take up to three years developing, testing and releasing each new OE product.

Textar products are precision engineered to offer maximum safety, performance and comfort.

Knowledge gained from the development of the OE part is now being transferred across to the manufacturer’s extensive aftermarket product range.

Research and development

At a testing ground based in the North of England, TMD Friction tests its friction material on a range of applications.

It’s a unique facility that houses a fleet of vehicles, selected to represent the UK’s car parc.

The track’s main strip enables TMD Friction test technicians to reach speeds of up to 150mph for the likes of high speed judder testing.

Test vehicles are fitted with on-board computers to record deacceleration, friction temperature, brake pedal pressure and travel.

Ian said: “New friction materials are constantly being to developed to meet the demands of the market place.

“We spend in the region of 30 million euros annually on the development on new material and it involves machine testing in the factory, vehicle testing on the road and track.”

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