210,000 motorists fined for driving without MOT over three years

Vehicle defects a contributing factor in 1,539 road accidents which required police attendance in 2017

210,000 motorists fined for driving without MOT over three years
Problems with tyres are the most common fault in fatal accidents.

Almost 150 drivers a day are missing their MOT test deadline, new research from What Car? has revealed.

It found that 210,886 drivers were caught by the UK’s police forces between 2015 and 2018 for driving without a valid MOT certificate.

Police Scotland caught 55,000 drivers in the four-year period – an average of 37 drivers fined every day.

The Metropolitan Police in London caught the second highest number of drivers, with 40,462 fined, while West Yorkshire recorded the third highest at 12,022.

Last year, more than a third of all cars failed their initial MOT, with 9.2 per cent failing due to dodgy brakes, while another 19 per cent failed from either faulty suspension or illegal tyres.

Road accidents involving vehicle defects

In 2017, vehicle defects, including illegal tyres, defective brakes and missing mirrors were a contributing factor in 1539 road accidents which required police attendance.

Rachel Prasher, managing director of What Car?, said: “It’s worrying to see 144 drivers a day caught in the UK without a valid MOT certificate.

“The onus is always on the driver to ensure their vehicle meets the legal roadworthiness requirements, but a friendly reminder from a dealer that their MOT is due could help prevent an accident on our roads.”

The research also found drivers are more likely to fail to renew their MOT in the winter months from November to February, than in the summer between May and August.

The winter months saw 17.3 per cent more drivers on average fined for not having a valid MOT certificate.

Driving without an MOT will result in either a £100 non-endorsable fixed penalty notice, or a traffic offence report.

Accumulatively, police forces across the UK have earned £20.8 million from drivers without a valid MOT certificate in the last four years.

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    we habitually send all our customers reminders yet still this is a problem. We have tried calling all those who have not responded but generally find that they’ve sold the car or moved etc so it’s not a practical solution.

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    We also send postal reminders to customers 1 month before expiry.
    25% of them respond on the day they receive it but 10% respond between a day and a month after expiry.
    What we need is a high profile case of somebody getting nicked for not having a valid certificate, David Beckham would be ideal.

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    unit 2, ivydene industrial estate
    I think people should be reminded of their Mot Due date with their road tax reminder

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    Tom Pettitt

    I agree with Kieth as most reminders can be pinned to a board, diary or a reminder on phones and computers, 12 months to remember is too long. the mot reminder at the bottom of mot ticket could be pushed by garages as I highlight them on hand over. two months notice for both would be good too as can be worded to have done a month early as there is no grace after mot. gives us small garages a bit more breathing space during heavy spells. (single sole trader East Sussex, service and repairs and export mot’s to reputable garage after pre mot checks) Tom

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    linda monks

    we send text messages to all our customers , they either respond right away or check their mot and ring later, weve had some positive feedback from doing this.

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    Cyril Killen

    We give key rings with highlighted dates when MOT/SERVICE is due. Many customers thank us and find them a great help; but we still get the odd one or two who forget! Two to three months late is not unknown.
    I thought no MOT invalidated vehicle insurance.

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    Andrew MacCredie

    We send out email reminders 2 months before then written reminders a month before. We have to be aware that too many reminders could constitute harassment under new privacy laws! However, most people really appreciate the reminder service we provide.

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    Government send tax reminders as you are paying them money. They don’t push mot reminders by post as no money being paid to them.
    210000 fixed penalty of £100 minimum is £21,000,000 good source of revenue.

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