66% of independents still using paper-based management system

66% of independents still using paper-based management system

The independent automotive sector has shown strong interest in new software to manage every aspect of their business according to software company Razoom.

Focus group research has found nearly 3/4 of independents want a ‘simple but effective software solution’ to ‘manage their garage in one place’ but with the ability to access from anywhere at any time.

It’s no wonder there’s interest in simplification; currently an amazing 93% use more than one system to manage core business elements such as workshop jobs, labour hours, staffing, customer data and invoices. Two thirds still use a paper-based system too with the hand-written job diary and manual T-card system still proving popular. More than half use Microsoft Excel for customer data, invoicing and job tracking purposes.

“The focus group confirmed that there is a strong appetite for sophisticated but easy-to-use software to manage the business from one place in the independent sector,” said Razoom marketing director Alex Knight. “We discovered that the industry was still at different levels of technological maturity. We spoke to one tester who simply wrote out paper invoices which were provided to their accountant on an annual basis, to a mobile technician who used a web-enabled diagnostic machine, a Windows 8.1 toughbook and carried out all in-the-field operations on an iPad Mini.”

Newbury-based Razoom has developed a new management system designed specifically for the independent automotive sector, CarVue will be launched later this year. It is currently being tested by automotive businesses ranging from mobile technicians to large sports car sales and service operations.

You can find out more about CarVue from the ‘More Details’ button below.

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