Aftermarket parts catalogue updated to offer industry’s “most-requested functionality”

Integration with DVSA database to support improved garage/factor user experience

Aftermarket parts catalogue updated to offer industry’s “most-requested functionality”
MAM's new product catalogue features new functionality with MOT history and due dates to support better buying choice.

Software and data solutions provider MAM has revealed its upcoming developments for Autocat, its automotive parts catalogue, which will be rolled out over the coming months to support an enhanced user experience.

Autocat enables users to find components needed for any vehicle or application but, for the first time, can organise and apply new and existing data to complement functionality.

Using information that is automatically updated via the internet, Autocat provides access to up-to-date specifications and enables data from multiple suppliers to be easily researched and compared.

A number of features will be added in the v9.1 release of the software, providing additional functionality and enhancing the user experience.

Amongst these will be a new accessories catalogue with support for tools, equipment, car care, consumables and accessories.

This will enable users to search, filter and compare products from individual brands.

Quick-access menu

The ability to customise the layout of shortcut buttons that appear in the new quick-access menu has been innovated, while users will also be able to select which product groups feature in the menu and arrange them as required.

View MOT history of vehicles

A new button to view a vehicle’s MOT history and due date using the DVSA database will be released and can support more informed buying decisions.

Tick boxes will be visible on the main grid so results can be filtered before being passed to the comparison screen, as well as the ability to right click an engine number so details can be copied to the clipboard and used in other applications.

The means of right clicking and hiding lines on an ad hoc basis to better filter results when carrying out manual lookups and comparisons is another addition to the Autocat offering.

Finally, an option to make the new tree view the default view will be launched.

Meeting customer needs

Nigel Clemett, general manager at MAM Software, said: “Developing our products is essential to making sure our customers’ needs continue to be met.

“These latest features are being implemented as a direct result of user feedback, adding some of our most-requested functionality to the catalogue.

“By including support for generic products such as tools, equipment, car care, consumables and accessories, we are creating an indispensable reference tool for staff working at the trade counter.

“We are currently liaising with a number of suppliers and will be making further announcements shortly.”

MAM has revealed the accessories catalogue will be available as a chargeable extra.

Find out more about MAM and its software solutions for factors and garages by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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