Alleged hit-and-run driver crashes into four vehicles, casually walks away

The incident, which happened in Perry Bar, Birmingham, caused one woman to be sent to hospital

Alleged hit-and-run driver crashes into four vehicles, casually walks away
The driver was seen walking away from his Citroen Berlingo shortly after the collision.

The Birmingham Mail has reported the shocking moment an alleged hit and run driver ploughs into four cars, and then walks away from the scene.

The incident happened in the Perry Bar region of Birmingham, at 9.50pm.

Peter Lyons, whose Citroen was among the vehicles damaged in the collision, said: “I heard a massive smash, there have been roadworks going on so at first I thought it was workmen doing the road.

“But when I looked out, I saw the cars smashed up.

“The woman in the first car was just dropping her partner off and they were sat in the car. I don’t think she was badly hurt but she did have to go to hospital.

“I believe both her Hyundai and the blue Citroen parked in front of her were written off.”

“He just ran off”

A spokesperson from West Midlands Ambulance Service said: “A woman, believed to be in her 30s, had been sitting in the driver’s seat of a car when it was struck by another car.

“She suffered a minor head injury and said she was going to make her own way to Sandwell Hospital so she was discharged at the scene.”

The footage showed the driver leaving a Citroen Berlingo van behind after the smash, before walking away.

Peter explained: “A woman had just walked past on the other side of the road before it happened, she spoke to the driver and asked if he was OK and he ran off.”

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