Air suspension precautions to take before lifting

Specialist urges technicians to check vehicles for air suspension and 'jack modes' before starting any job

Air suspension precautions to take before lifting

Air suspension specialist, Arnott is calling on technicians to always check vehicles for air suspension before lifting – and enabling ‘jack mode’ where systems allow.

‘Jack mode’ should always be used where present to prevent air being extracted from the bellow, Arnott says.

Where this mode is not present, the car can be jacked without any precautionary measure.

An Arnott spokesperson said: “Some systems automatically recognise that the car is being raised and retain the desired amount of pressure in the air springs.

“Never lower the car with the lifting device when the air suspension system is depressurized.

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“Doing this might cause the air bellow to unfold incorrectly, and the crimp ring can come off.

“Plus, an aging compressor might not be able to produce enough pressure to raise the car from zero.

“The relay could get damaged, or in the worst case, the compressor could burn out in its attempt to pressurize the system to the operational level.”

Arnott boasts more than 30 years of experience in engineering, designing and manufacturing high quality air suspension components for the aftermarket.

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