Arnott reveals air suspension basics

Experts explain how air suspension systems work and reveal essential diagnosis and repair tips

Arnott reveals air suspension basics

Arnott Air Suspension Products has published tips and advice for technicians working with air suspension systems.

An Arnott spokesperson told GW: “Air suspension systems use a compressor to inflate rubber air springs which may be separate from the shock absorber or combined with the damper as an air suspension strut.

“Height sensors give the ECU a signal when the vehicle is not at a predetermined height.

“The compressor then pumps air into the air springs until the proper height is reached.

“Like all rubber components, air springs and struts are wear and tear parts.

“Typically, the rubber will dry rot and small cracks can form where the air bladder rolls upon itself.

Replace every ten years

“On average, an air suspension part will need to be replaced in six to ten years.

“Mileage, climate, driving conditions and off-road usage will also influence the replacement rate.”

Arnott say drivers may notice one corner, side, or the entire vehicle sitting lower than normal, but once the car is started the compressor might be able to maintain adequate pressure and ride height.

The spokesperson added: “Unless the leaks are fixed, these tiny holes will eventually grow larger than the air compressor can sustain, or the pump may simply burn out due to overheating causing additional expense.

“At that point the driver will notice the vehicle is unable to level itself or a dashboard warning light may come on indicating the compressor has failed.

“If the air suspension is no longer functioning the customer may not be able to drive it or the ride may be harsh and uncomfortable, making a replacement absolutely necessary.

“With air suspension now available in the aftermarket, Arnott offers high quality replacement parts at an affordable price.”

Arnott provides around 350 aftermarket air suspension products covering 800 applications, including air suspension compressors, innovative air springs and Arnott-designed new air struts.

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