Watch: Arrogant motorist drives through half marathon runners

Woman ignores road restrictions to pass through path of Ocean City Half Marathoners

Watch: Arrogant motorist drives through half marathon runners
An onlooker tried to block the path of the vehicle with a traffic cone and his body.

A female motorist brought chaos to Britain’s Ocean City Half Marathon after ploughing into the race after defying road restrictions.

Dismayed marathoners dodged out of the vehicles path as it turned to head down a street despite the fact that the route is blocked by traffic cones, reports the Daily Mail.

Despite no signs that the woman wanted to casue any harm, runners attempted to stop the vehicle – with one man even trying to climb into the passenger side.

The woman protested: “I can’t get out, listen, I have tried to get out every which way.

“I have a workshop in Okehampton.

“I have had no information – I went very slowly.”

Despite her protestations, the angry swarm of runners were quick to point of that her actions could cause serious injury, with one stating: “The road is closed, you’re just going to have to wait.”

Another took it even further, telling the woman: “Don’t be so stupid, you’re going to kill someone.”

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