BEN to support automotive flood victims

BEN to support automotive flood victims

Automotive industry charity BEN is extending its support for affected automotive colleagues.

Following The Environment Agency’s report that 5,800 properties have been flooded since the start of December and 100,000 homes having experienced power cuts BEN recognise members the automotive community are extremely likely to be amongst those affected.

“We are desperate to ensure that anyone connected to our automotive industry community knows that we are on hand to offer our care and support,” said Nigel Rothband BEN’s Chief Operating Officer. “What we can do is to provide short term immediate support including financial assistance, where needed.

Obviously, some people will have been unable to work and will have incurred additional costs – where these factors have caused short term financial hardship we may be able to assist.  I would urge any automotive person who is distressed or suffering to get in touch.”

In addition to actively encouraging those affected to get in touch BEN is also contacting existing beneficiaries, in affected areas, to find out if they need help.

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