MOT Testers warned not to risk suspension as deadline looms

Around 25,000 testers still yet to complete annual training and assessment – 5,500 were suspended for failing to do so last year

MOT Testers warned not to risk suspension as deadline looms
40 per cent of MOT service centres need to complete their annual training and assessment before 31 March.

More than 40 per cent of MOT testers face being suspended from testing if they don’t complete their annual training and assessment by 31 March, the DVSA has this week announced.

DVSA figures show 24,694 testers still have to complete the training and assessment.

Every year, all 63,000 MOT testers have to carry out training and assessment on set topics to make sure they are competent and safe to carry out MOTs.

DVSA MOT Product Manager, Simon Smith said: “Annual training and assessment is a vital part of continuous improvement to maintain the high quality of the MOT.

“Testers need to be well prepared to carry out their work and be knowledgeable about the subjects they deal with.

“Testers shouldn’t wait until the last minute to record their training and assessment results but do it well before 31 March.

“If they don’t carry out their training and assessment in time, they will be suspended and face losing money.”

Annual training and assessment was introduced in 2016 as a programme of continuous improvement for testers, so they are well informed about the work they do and keep up to date with new technology and industry requirements.

Immediate suspension

As of 4 March 2019, 24,694 testers still need to do their annual training and assessment to avoid being suspended from testing.

If suspended from testing, testers will need to complete all next year’s topics and take a demonstration test to be able to return to testing – this will lead to a delay while they are waiting to take a demonstration test.

Testers need to do at least 3 hours of training each year and a total of 16 hours in 5 years.

The pass mark for the assessment is 70 per cent.

70 per cent pass mark

The assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice questions and usually takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Site managers and authorised examiners can check testers have recorded their results correctly on the MOT testing service.

Testers can train individually, in a group or on a course with a training provider.

The assessment is online, so testers can do their assessment at home if they wish; they can also use their notes and MOT inspection manual during the assessment.

Find out about the 2018 and 2019 training topics and how to complete the training and assessments by clicking on ‘more details’ below.

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