DVSA to roll out new ‘connected MOT equipment’

New roller brake testers must be 'connected' from October

DVSA to roll out new ‘connected MOT equipment’

New MOT equipment will need to be able to connect directly to the MOT testing service, the DVSA has this week announced.

From 1 October 2019, new roller brake testers must be able to connect to the MOT testing service.

The DVSA is also working with manufacturers to develop diesel smoke meters, exhaust gas analysers and decelerometers that connect to the MOT testing service.

There are plans to make connectable models of these kinds of equipment mandatory for replacement equipment and new garages too.

The agency claims connected equipment will save time, reduce the risk of error and help to reduce the risk of fraud.

“Reduce the potential for mistakes”

Chris Price, DVSA head of MOT policy said: “We’re bringing in connected equipment to modernise testing in MOT garages and reduce the potential for mistakes.

“It will make testing quicker, more accurate and give motorists greater confidence in the quality of testing.

“Garages already using this equipment have seen benefits to their business.”

The DVSA has said connected equipment is not necessarily more expensive than the current equipment garages already have.

The difference between a connectable and non-connectable model is often its software, the agency explained in its announcement earlier this week.

“A very logical step”

Chief executive of the Garage Equipment Association (GEA), David Garratt said: “The main concern for GEA members is to improve the quality of MOT equipment and remove any possibility of human error in the reporting procedure.

“Connecting MOT test equipment is a very logical step for us as it removes any miss-keying by the operator and speeds up the process.

“Starting by connecting brake testers makes good sense and since the introduction of Automated Test Lanes (ATLs) most may already be connectable.

“Connecting all types of processor-based equipment is possible and as connectivity is applied across the whole test bay it will add increasing value for the motorist by reducing error and benefit the garage by speeding up the test.”

MOT garage managers are encouraged to investigate the benefits of connected equipment and understand how it will help the testing process in their workplace.

Do you support a move to ‘connected’ MOT equipment or fear it may bring more problems for test stations? Share your comments below.

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    New MOT equipment will need to be able to connect directly to the MOT testing service, the DVSA has this week announced. From 1 October 2019, new roll
    [See the full post at: New ‘connected MOT equipment’ to be rolled out by DVSA]

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    graham cox

    one question springs to mind
    who is going to pay for the upgrade when the dvsa are letting garages charge below the test fee ?
    surely would it not be a better idea to employ more dvsa people,visit all of us more regularly and jump on the bad test stations who use the test to make money on failures that should have passed ??
    we as a test station/garage need to make money to run,but we are faced with discount mot bays who devalue the test quality by charging way below the set fee,and as we all know a good mot tester is as rare as rocking horse s**t and quite rightly they want a good wage

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    agree as above and how many suppliers of equipment will suddenly have no spares for old but plenty of new machines to sell, maybe DVSA should sort other issues first like lack of available smart cards, been waiting since may for one and only found out they had none after ringing them!

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    Just how exactly are these new “connectable” pieces of equipment going to be able to connect to the MOT testing service ?
    Is this the pen pushers in DVSA coming up with these bright ideas ?

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    Peter Miles

    Does anyone else remember when the (at the time) new spec emissions testers were all supposed to be connected?
    And then does anyone remember how well that went?

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    I think we spend enough time and money on keeping our test station up to standard, when this comes in to full force,I think it will be time for me to close my testing station.

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    Craig Ross

    I think we are missing the point .. under “grandfather rights” .. existing test stations wont have to “upgrade” their present equipment. Only when they have to replace their equipment will they have to buy an “ATL” break tester. Most equipment manufacturers don’t offer a choice now … they stopped producing “manual” brake tester some time ago. As for spares they will be available for sometime yet.
    I think its a positive move especially when we consider any tester with a card could log onto the service from anywhere & issue illegal certificates even from the pub … now they cant because they wont be able to log the brake test results & no certificate can be issued.

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    In theory this is a good idea. However given only limited availability from suppliers I find it hard to see how this date will be hit.

    Also why is it OK for existing test stations to use the old system but new approvals must be on the new system? This is hardly the “level playing ground” that doesn’t restrict businesses – the very reason the DVSA trot out when we ask for minimum pricing on MOTs.

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    No missing the point or being a techno phoebe here. The trend is obvious, the more connectivity the less reliance on skills, or lack of them and the more computer integrated the annual test will become. This will mean less chance of dodgy tests etc. We all know it goes on. For me the cost and lack of leadership by the DVSA in setting the test fee in stone (no discounting) and giving garages a linked to inflation test fee would be a better move, this would encourage training and better skilled staff, better equipment and give room for some profit for re-investment. Reward not punishment for compliance and professionalism is a far better carrot in my experience. Incidentally I packed in my MOT operation because while costs kept rising year on year the MOT fee stayed almost the same for. . . how long. . . . . thats called being out of step. I can’t justify taking a cut in earnings year on year while jumping through more hoops and spending more time on compliance and not physically doing the job, never mind dealing with customers who want the job done for nothing.

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    I think it’s a good idea.
    Hopefully, if DVSA are on the ball, and actually link the online machines to vehicle tests, it will help to stop bent MOT’s.
    I agree, as do most that there needs to not only be an increase in the test charge, but also a fixed test fee.
    We have customers that will use a different station for their test, just because it is £20 cheaper, but then come to us for the failure work.
    Most of the time the work is unnecessary, and we explain that they could appeal the decision, but most customers just want their car back on the road with minimal fuss so get the work done.
    All the time that customers don’t want to appeal, the dodgy centres will continue to operate.

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    Peter Bayliss

    Have I got it wrong regarding accepted new equipment, the roller brake tester list only showed Boston machines as “connected” so presume the Tecalemit DE9015 I was going to instal is now no good 🙂

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    ian Wills

    I am one of the triails for connected equipment for ( boston garage equipment ) all i can say is dont knock it to you try it, it saves so much time for the tester, we even have a beam setter connected and emmissions
    10 times easier then the old system !!! as i run the busiest MOT station in the uk the equipment has to be right we dont have time for daowtime, connected equipment for me saves minutes on tests and has not faulted once,
    everyone needs to move forward in life, and for once in 30 years DVSA are trying, i dont agree with most but i am impressed with this !!

    I am also on the understanding they will be phasing in with the grandfather rights bit, old mechines fitted before 01th October dont need to be connected – after need to be compatatible

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    Craig Ross

    I agree with Ian Willis… i think pricing is a totally different issue!

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    Robert Hunter

    what we need is set pricing to enable the motor trade to invest in better training for our testers.yes connected machines will take some of the mistakes out of the system but the dodgy testing stations can always stick any vehicle on the brake meter to get a good reading.maybe the days not to far away when dsva will want the test lane covered by cameras,then they can pay off even more staff because some algorithm will be watching us.

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    Feel sorry for the older generation building a business with an mot testing station and it’s time to retire he has to spend £35000 on all new testing equipment or loses the testing station. Very unfair

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    The only thing a lot of folk have said about fixed price mots have missed is say for instance we all charged 54 for the mot, well so could tescosor someone like them and at the same time they could give away a free microwave or a 30 quid voucher etc etc how could we compete with something like that ? Best to have a flexible price I think .

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