Thousands of MOT testers face suspension, DVSA warns as training and assessment deadline nears

More than 7,000 testers suspended in last two years for failing to complete training and assessment

Thousands of MOT testers face suspension, DVSA warns as training and assessment deadline nears
MOT training at the RMI Academy of Automotive Skills.

More than 30,000 MOT testers are yet to complete their annual training and assessment, official DVSA figures show.

With just over a month to go until the 31 March deadline, the DVSA is urging testers to ensure they complete training and assessment or face suspension.

Last year, 1,882 testers were suspended for failing to do so, down on 2018’s 5,538 suspensions.

If suspended from testing, testers will need to complete all next year’s topics and take a demonstration test to be able to return to testing.

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DVSA product manager, Simon Smith said: “Annual training and assessment is a vital part of continuous improvement to maintain high quality MOTs.

“Last year more testers than ever completed their training and assessment on time.

“But to avoid the last-minute rush, testers should record their training and assessment results well before 31 March.

“We’re really pleased with the improvement from last year and I’d like to thank all those testers who did so.”

Every year, all 63,000 MOT testers must carry out training and assessment on set topics to make sure they are competent and safe to carry out MOTs.

Testers need to do at least three hours of training each year and a total of 16 hours in five years.

Training can be completed individually, in a group or on a course with a training provider.

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The pass mark for the current assessment is 70 per cent but it will increase to 80 per cent for 2020 to 2021 assessments.

The assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice questions and usually takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Annual training and assessment was introduced in 2016 as a programme of continuous improvement for testers so they are well informed about the work they do and keep up to date with new technology and industry requirements.

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    I’m so glad I don’t carry out mots anymore after becoming a breakdown patrol 3 years ago. It lost its magic for me when they got rid of the pass, fail advise. Was so simple but it had got so confusing. I also thought the one day refreshers they used to do At a training centre was much better than this current system. Just my 2p worth

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    Well said Gary.

    Only 45 days to the tenth anniversary of the current maximum test fee of £54.85.
    In that period your local MP has had a 25% pay rise.
    Is every MOT Tester and Authorised Examiner happy about that ?

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    Karl Hardaker

    Great to see that finally the industry is assessing the capabilities of its testers. The down side is that the many incapable, unqualified ones can sit with a room full of testers/mates to complete the online open book assessment. How hard can it be? What a joke. I worked for a College in Huddersfield that handed out level three qualifications like sweeties for a small cost, even those on benefits got qualified, due to corrupt managers and staff, nobody gave a flying. Including DVSA/VOSA as it was then. Many of these taxi drivers gained MOT status and have no f—ing idea or skills. DVSA needs to assess harder to weed out the motor trade cancer to protect the public against these people that have a licence to print money and kill people.

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    lee sibley

    You may find yourself suddenly having to look after elderly neighbours or family
    Will the DVSA be extending the cut off time for 2019 / 2020 training and assesment in view of the Covig -19 virus and the extraordinary situation that we are all in or will they be taking away a persons ability to support his family, friends and neighbours.

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