eCall systems to have independent access say IAAF

eCall systems to have independent access say IAAF

The European Parliament’s leading Committee for Internal Market affairs (IMCO) has given the green light for the Europe-wide deployment of the eCall in-vehicle system.

eCall is a new safety measure that should become mandatory by 2015 on all new models of cars. It will save lives by automatically dialing Europe’s single emergency number 112 in the event of a serious accident and communicate the vehicle’s location, saving precious response time.

The IAAF said it was ‘pleased’ that the Parliament has decided to address the important issue of an ‘interoperable, open-access, secured and standardised platform for future in-vehicle applications or services’. This is designed to safeguard the independent automotive aftermarket because the mandatory introduction of eCall is likely to bring powerful telematics technology into every newly type-approved passenger car.

With eCall vehicle assemblers acquire a range of capabilities to sell leisure services and deploy remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance.  European group FIGIEFA have been alerting MEPs to the potential effect for the independent aftermarket if the eCall system is not openly accessible in a standardised and secure way to all independent operators.

FIGIEFA and IAAF are ‘pleased to see that the IMCO Committee recognised the importance of such concerns’.  The vote gives a mandate to the Commission to “start working on the technical specifications for such platform after a broad consultation of vehicle manufacturers and independent operators one year after the entry into force of the eCall Regulation”.

The next steps in the European process is for a full session of the European Parliament to vote on the adopted IMCO eCall report, which should happen at its February plenary session (24th -27th of February).

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