IGA offers equal pay advice for woman who’s paid less than male colleagues

Trade body member gets human resources support as female worker questions equal pay rights

IGA offers equal pay advice for woman who’s paid less than male colleagues
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The Independent Garage Association offers advice for garage owners dealing with employee poor performance and attitude.

HR support is included as part of IGA membership.

As well as guidance from the member helpline team, and legal team if needed, resources such as example contracts, work policies, disciplinary procedures and letters, terms and conditions and job specifications can be found in the IGA members area.

IGA member asks

“I am a female working in a dealership and have recently discovered that some of my male colleagues carrying out a similar job to me receive more pay.

“They have been working for the company longer than me but is this really fair and is there anything I can do?”

IGA response

Under the Equal Pay Act 1970 it is unlawful to offer different pay and conditions where women and men are doing the same or work rated as equivalent or similar in terms of effort, skill and decision making.

This will also still apply where two roles may appear dissimilar but are of “like work”.

If you feel you have a claim you should speak to your manager about it in the first instance as this could be a genuine mistake.

However, if they fail to adequately justify the difference with a genuine reason then you do have a legal right to lodge a claim at an employment tribunal whilst still in your job or up to six months after leaving the related position.

Your employer should be aware that unequal pay claim can be backdated for up to six years.

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