IGA press EU Commission over VM technical information

IGA press EU Commission over VM technical information

A new study by BOVAG, The IGA’s European counterpart, found only 6 of 13 manufacturer websites allowed a connection between the vehicle and the manufacturer’s website.

Since 2010 it has been a legal requirement that vehicle manufacturers release all technical information to independent garages. They must also provide technical service bulletins, recall information, online diagnosis and software updates for cars from Euro 5 type approval onwards. The study found such requirements are simply not being met.

“It is extremely concerning,” said Stuart James, Independent Garage Association (IGA) Director. “Vehicle manufacturers are still restricting independent garages access to technical information, we believe this is a clear breach of the legal requirements that the European Commission has set for them. Technical information is the life blood for independent garages to be able to repair cars.

“The IGA was part of the delegation that presented the study to the European Commission last week. The Commission has informed the IGA that a study into this issue will be carried out.

The IGA have promised to monitor developments and ‘work closely with the European Commission’ to represent the interest of their UK independent garage membership.

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