IGA push EU on access to VM technical information

IGA push EU on access to VM technical information

Since 2010 it has been a requirement that vehicle manufacturers make information like technical service bulletins, recall information, online diagnosis and software updates available outside of their franchised networks.

“It is extremely encouraging that the European Commission has launched a review into the process of access to vehicle repair and maintenance information”, said Stuart James, Independent Garage Association (IGA) Director.  “The IGA has been instrumental in lobbying the European Commission to start a consultation and is liaising with Ricardo-AEA to ensure that the survey provides the right information.

“It is vital that garages have access to technical information in order to repair cars now and in the future and we are pleased the commission is acting on this issue.

“We are working closely with our members to ensure that the voice of UK independents is heard and expect a high level of response by the end of the study”.

A recent study by IGA’s European Counterpart BOVAG shows that elements of this information are still not available. Ricardo-AEA has been appointed by the Commission to carry out the review across the EU.

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