IGA say Car Repair Plan launch ‘imminent’

IGA say Car Repair Plan launch ‘imminent’

The consumer launch of the Independent Garage Association’s (IGA), Car Repair Plan is said to be imminent after members received the idea enthusiastically, signing up to offer the plan in big numbers.

The Car Repair Plan, tailored specifically for independent sector, is designed to help consumers ‘shield themselves from unexpected repair costs’. It will be the first of its kind on this scale within the independent garage sector. All the garages will be members of the Independent Garage Association (IGA) and Trust My Garage (TMG) approved with the consumer launch planned once 300 garages are on board.

“The Car Repair Plan will offer consumers something unique,” said IGA Director, Stuart James. “People are moving towards the independent sector.

“Members of the plan can use funds to pay for service and repair at any participating IGA member listed on the website. If they are away from home, they are safe in the knowledge that there will be an independent garage somewhere close by”.

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