IGA’s technical training programme tops 2,500

IGA’s technical training programme tops 2,500

The Independent Garage Association’s (IGA) on-site technical training has been ‘an unprecedented success’ with over 2,500 technicians now trained as part of their membership benefits package.

The IGA’s unique training offer has received extremely positive reviews. Delivered on the garage’s own site, the scheme entitles up to three technicians to half a day’s training. The training is at no cost to the members as the course is part of the member benefit package.

Commenting on its success IGA Direct Stuart James said: “We are delighted with the response. It was designed to satisfy demands of our members without causing any disruption to their business. It is clear that we are delivering exactly that.

“With the recently awarded IMI awards status, the successful training scheme now holds more value to our members with the addition of an industry recognised certification.”

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