Independent Garage Association (IGA) reacts to dealer campaign

Following on from the reaction from IAAF we brought last week to the new SMMT led MOT pass marketing campaign from dealers there’s been further reaction from the Independent Garage Association (IGA)

They’ve reacted strongly to the ‘Minute Or Two’ MOT campaign stating that in their opinion it is a blatant attempt to drive business away from independent garages. As a reminder, the SMMT have launched a new pre-MOT checklist for consumers. Whilst they trumpet this as an effort to bring down failure rates it appears designed to also drive aftermarket business to manufacturer main dealers.

The IGA believe that the new campaign only offers what the independent sector has offered to its customers for years.

“The referance to a manufacturer guaranteed MOT as part of the campaign is likely to be confusing to consumers,” said  Stuart James, IGA Director. “There is only one MOT test which is regulated by VOSA and this fact needs to be clear to consumers.”

“The manufacturer dealers are promoting ideas that have been common practice in independent garages for a long time.  If a small repair needs doing, such as a light bulb needs replacing, or the oil needs topping up, many independent garages will automatically do these repairs as a matter of good customer relations. However it is good to see that manufacturer dealers are making efforts to embrace what the independent sector excels in.”

It’s clear this issue is causing some debate amongst the various representative bodies it just wasn’t among the stories we ran last week that stirred great response! We welcome comments though – either by email or register on the site and let us know what the view from the sharp end is…


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