Independent Garage Association to launch Trust My Garage TV campaign

Year-long campaign for Trust My Garage Code of Practice aims to drive customers to independent garage network

Trust My Garage has already helped independent garages secure more business
The IGA and its Trust My Garage scheme helps garages attract more customers and increase sales.

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is launching an extensive TV and social media advertising campaign for the Trust My Garage (TMG) Code of Practice to drive customers to its independent garage members.

From March, the IGA’s campaign will run for at least one year across a wide selection of TV and social media channels.

The advert used a real TMG garage to demonstrate the high quality outlets that are representative of the current independent garage sector.

Stuart James, director of IGA, stressed the importance of involving independent garages and addressing their needs in the campaign. He said: “In the past year, our research into garage work providers has led us to believe that these types of businesses will have a significant long-term detrimental impact on independent garages.

“This campaign has been driven by our members who have been expressing concerns about consumer work provision for some time.

Driving business to local garages with Government support

“Trust My Garage supports and enhances a garage’s own brand identity and does not sit between the garage and its customers, unlike third-party work providers.

“The TMG Code of Practice does not charge its members or their customers for this service – it’s a UK Government-backed code for independent garages and is another key benefit of IGA membership.”

TMG Code of Practice is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) and has over 2,900 members registered.

Each new member undergoes a rigorous site audit to demonstrate that it has reached the standards set by the IGA.

Once passed, it may display the TMG shield as a badge of quality, which provides consumers with a high level of confidence in a market place where there are so many conflicting garage schemes.

Garages can join the IGA and be part of Trust My Garage by calling 0845 305 4230.

Find out more about joining Trust My Garage by clicking on ‘more details’ below.

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