Trade body cements foundations of support for independent garages in a post-Brexit era

Meeting brings together aftermarket organisations to discuss industry issues including skill shortages and MOT

Trade body cements foundations of support for independent garages in a post-Brexit era
The two-day visit involved an exchange of ideas and a tour of British independent garages to gain perspective into the management of independent garage businesses across the UK.

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) has this week met with BOnd Van Automobielhandelaren en Garagehouders (BOVAG) independent repairers division, from the Netherlands, to discuss an ongoing working relationship for the benefit of the independent automotive sector in a post-Brexit era.

Having had a good working relationship for many years, the meeting brought together the two organisations and garage owners from both countries to share issues that affect the industry, including access to technical information, skill shortages and MOT testing.

On the second day of their visit, BOVAG were taken to a number of independent garage members.

The visits provided an insight into the similarities and differences between the two countries, including communication with members and the challenges of recruitment and training of staff.

“Maintaining strong partnerships”

Stuart James, IGA Director comments, “We are pleased to welcome the BOVAG Independent Repairers Division.

“This co-operation with our European colleagues is a positive step towards maintaining strong partnerships throughout and beyond the Brexit process.”

Gerard ten Buuren, chairman of BOVAG’s independent garage division said: “Our visit has been very successful, certainly, we are delighted to continue working with the IGA and we have all gained a tremendous amount from this visit.”

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