Trade body warns garages of reoccurring tyre scam following reported case in Manchester

Garage owners urged to be wary of credit card payments over the phone

Trade body warns garages of reoccurring tyre scam following reported case in Manchester
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The Independent Garage Association (IGA) has warned it’s members of a reoccurring tyre scam which has most recently hit Manchester.

The scam involves a payment made over the phone for tyres, which are subsequently collected, often by a local taxi firm.

A Van was used to collect the tyres in the Manchester case.

An IGA spokesperson said: “It is your responsibility to ensure you are taking the proper precautions when conducting card transactions over the phone, as your protection is significantly reduced if you don’t follow the card processing rules, which can lead to a chargeback some weeks later if the card turns out to be stolen.

“This has been an issue that we have been aware of for a number of years – we have reported it in bulletins on a number of occasions, and it is a regular feature of our member events.

“Never put tyres in taxis”

“Whenever and wherever it appears, it remains largely unchanged, and one simple rule still applies – never put tyres in taxis.”

Where transactions over the phone are necessary, Barclays bank recommends businesses obtain the card number, card expiry date, card security code, cardholders full name, address and phone number.

In addition, the delivery address and name of the person receiving the goods should be noted, along with the gross transaction amount.

The IGA added: “As a garage, a credit card payment over the phone should be very unusual, and should immediately put you on your guard.

“When dealing with CNP transactions, make sure you don’t let the cardholder pick up goods in person.

“If they pay by phone and come to collect the goods, you need to cancel the transaction and carry out a Card Present transaction instead.

“This means that you must never give the goods to anyone who claims to be collecting them on the cardholder’s behalf, like a taxi driver.”

IGA member can report suspicious activity, to the IGA Member Helpline on 0845 305 4230.

For further information about the IGA, select ‘more details’ below.

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    This scam happened to me 3 years ago, i was on to it quickly and reported it to the police in Shrewsbury whilst it was still going on. They did nothing, even refusing to follow the taxi that was at my garage on its way to the criminals with tyres on board (we didnt send them when the plod drove off without doing anything). Several other local garages were had and it was up to me to phone around and warn people. It is no surprise that this is still going on, the police are not bothered with catching real criminals even when they are given them on a plate. Shame on them

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    Daniel Wakeling

    Happened where I used to work, Set of Pirellis for a X5 (Runflats) Paid over the phone and collected by taxi, taxi ended up going to a lockup in Brum!

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    Anthony Roe

    I am shocked to see somebody running a garage cn fall for this nonsense it makes me question and ask do you really have the brains to run a proper repair garage where you do everything from a service , engine replacements,Including repapping etc etc , no wonder the garage industry has such a bad name and reputation until we rid these clowns from our trade it is never going to improve and none are our profit margins are ever going to improve, i say this as this is the second time i have been back to this industry as vehicles are my passion and its in my blood but i have operated and run several businesses and The Garage Trade has to be the lowest profit margins of most businesses out there so until they regulate us with more and more spot checks are carried out the rouges out there will be allowed to carry on doing there dodgy work, and as for the comment above from Lawrence Wells i totally agree with you The police do not give a flying f…k unless it is one of their hand shakers, like bailiffs,or any government body worker they are just not interested so when poor old mrs smith that is getting burgled the police do not even turn up they want you to report it online via their website what good is that the stuff is sold on by then and if they do catch the burglar where is the evidence to get a prosecution this country is starting to make me feel ill to the pit of my stomach they are cutting back money in the wrong places time for the Mr Beat Bobby to return i think, a good clip around the ear hole would sort a lot of this day to day petty crime crap out , its always the working class that suffers from this lazy work ethic that is out there these days and they say crime does not pay well you could have fooled me.

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    Philip Dunmore

    Anthony, might we have been twins separated at birth! Couldn’t agree more. Especially about some of the clowns running garages badly. Who would sell loose tyres anyway?

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