Urgent calls to end inconsistencies in business rate relief

Minister urged to make clear to councils that garages are retail businesses and eligible for government assistance

Urgent calls to end inconsistencies in business rate relief
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The Independent Garage Association (IGA) has written a follow-up letter to Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, to address the inconsistency of local authorities’ classification of independent garages within business rate relief legislation.

The IGA is requesting that retail businesses operating from industrial premises are specifically included on the list of businesses eligible for the retail business rates relief scheme.

Stuart James, IGA chief executive said: “Independent garages are being asked to remain open to support key worker mobility, but a high level of inconsistency remains across local councils when it comes to support.

Garages urged to stop discounting MOTs in bid to boost lockdown recovery

“We urgently ask the Secretary of State to provide clarity to local councils that garages are retail businesses, and as such are eligible for the assistance under the Covid-19 retail business rates relief scheme and business interruption grant.

“Including these local garage businesses specifically will enable them to stay open for the benefit of our key workers and give them the best chance of survival through the crisis.”

For further information about the IGA, select ‘more details’ below.

Have you applied for the retail business rates relief scheme or business interruption grant? Share your comments and experiences below.

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    The Independent Garage Association (IGA) has written a follow-up letter to Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Go
    [See the full post at: Urgent calls to end inconsistencies in business rate relief]

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    MPM Motorcycles

    We were refused grant as not classed as retail

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    Jamie Newland

    We are a small business and not getting any grant as we pay buisness rates ( we pay a small business multiply rate) as we don’t fall into the category we can’t get help

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    Mark Calvett

    I have applied for the grant and they first turned it down as their records stated the premises was empty which is incorrect. I have since then reapplied and I was rejected again within less than 15hrs saying we are not in the correct classification. We are classed as retail in the businesses allowed to remain open. So unfair.

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    John Price

    We’re a car and motorcycle retail tyre outlet which also carries out mechanical services. Our premises were categorised as “warehouse” which meant no relief. I emailed my local council (Gloucester City Council) and explained that we were retail based – customers had to come to us and pay for our services over the counter – and after a couple of days they phoned back to say that they would re-classify us so that we could have the rates relief and the government grant. The result was that we’ve now received a £25k grant and a 100% discount on our business rates, saving us a futher £17.5k a year.
    I urge any business in the same situation to phone their local council’s business rates department. in my experience, these people want to help.

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    Kings x motors ltd

    We applied for business rates relief and a Grant and we were turn down. 2 garages around the corner to us got the relief and a grant

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    Dave Geldard

    Cake and eat it springs to mind, do you really want to pay business rates at retail rate or industrial. You can’t have it both ways

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    Lee ballam

    I have rateable value of £17500
    So I don’t get business rates relief
    Or grant scheme as not looked as retail by Greenwich Council

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    Lynn Mumford

    We have received both the £10000 grant and a full 12 months rate relief from our local council. This has made the difference to us in that we can now stay open, hopefully for the next 3 months, although the 6 month MOT deferment may impact on our earning capacity. We have been proactive with our customers offering them either courtesy car or collection/delivery for bookings which are by appointment only. We have also pointed out the relevant section in the Government Covid 6mth deferment scheme advising them to have their MOT as it is their responsibility to make sure their car is safe as unroadworthy vehicle may lead to a £2500 fine driving ban or 3 penalty points.

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    Have applied for the business rates exemption (currently paying over £1000 p.m. while closed!) and the grant. Refused business rates exemption as classed as an industrial premises and refused the grant as not considered as a retail business! On the governments own Covid19 web pages they say which businesses are exempt from having to close and they specifically list MOT and garage services under retail? Too many inconsistencies and taking too long to resolve them. These two methods of support could mean the difference between survival or not for many businesses, including mine.

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    preston firth

    I am a limited company paying business rates , tax and vat I cannot understand how so far I have been turned away from any financial help.I am aware that several garages currently not paying anything towards the Government have received financial help it seems so unfair as my future seems so uncertain through no fault of my own.

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    Mark J Edwards

    We have applied for the grant as we are apparently not eligible for the rate relief as we have more than one property on the same industrial estate, we are a retail repair garage with along established car sales department we have been doing the same thing on this estate for 34 years and are well under the upper threshold for the grant however we have been told by our local authority we are not eligible for anything, we applied 4 weeks ago and have had no correspondence from them just a note on the councils website under our business rate accounts NOT Eligible. We have been ringing for up to one hour at time for a week but have never got through.

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    Harry Salkeld

    We own a garage MOT workshop, in Eastleigh Hampshire run from an industrial Estate.
    I applied to Eastleigh Borough Council and was paid the grant within five days, with no questions asked.
    I don’t know if this will help. But to show how other Council’s are interpreting the rules. May just get the help you need.
    Then we all need to get together and get the MOT extension stopped and then maybe we can survive this mess.
    Stay safe and good luck.

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    Allan Diack

    Aberdeenshire Council.
    MOT, service and repair. 6 employees.
    Rateable Value £38k.
    Applied for £25k grant – declined as not retail. No rates break in coming year. Only assistance is from bank – which involves considerable debt that we are unable to service long term.

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    Phil Cake

    I applied to Havant borough council on 11th April for Business Rates retail relief and to date have not heard anything. Local paper has an article of many businesses complaining as far back as 1st April

    Perhaps the editor could draft a list of locations and councils who accepted either Small Business Rate Relief or Business rates Retail Relief as ammunition to contest applications that have been refused

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    We are mot /repairs and to big for free rates so we pay and got 25k grant from bristol council .

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    Phil Cake

    Harry Salkeld. What grant did you apply for. Small business Rates relief grant or Business Rates Retail relief grant ?

    It would be very helpful if everyone could list which grant they applied from and relevant Council so others of us who may be declined can use the info as ammunition against rejections.

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    pasquale bruno

    I own an MOT station and fall below the Government lower rates limit of 15k and was refused the grant, another 2 garages in the same local authority catchment of WEST OXFORDSHIRE DISTRICT COUNCIL were given the grant, and to add insult to injury both garages don’t pay rates. I lodged an appeal, still waiting for their reply…

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