Video: Renewed counterfeit parts warning as IGA advises against customer-supplied parts

Intellectual Property Office video urges motorists not supply their own parts

Video: Renewed counterfeit parts warning as IGA advises against customer-supplied parts
The IGA has collaborated on a campaign raising awareness on the risks of consumer-supplied and counterfeit parts with the Intellectual Property Office. Image: Bigstock.

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) has renewed its warning about counterfeit parts and urged consumers not supply their own parts.

The IGA has shared an official IPO video which warns motorists against the practice of supplying their own parts to a garage as part of its collaboration with the IPO to raise awareness on the risks of consumer-supplied and counterfeit parts.

An IGA spokesperson said: “A significant element of maintaining a vehicle is the cost of parts and it is tempting for consumers to reduce the impact of parts costs by looking for a bargain.

“As the internet is now a part of most people’s lives it tends to be the first port of call when looking to save money on a purchase, however, the internet is a global market place and as such it is difficult to regulate, so can attract some less scrupulous sellers.”

Buyer beware

The IGA has issued a “buyer beware” warning to consumers, advising that “your life, the life of your passengers and those of other road users could depend on the parts fitted to your vehicle”.

The supply and use of counterfeit parts is an ever-growing issue, the prevalence of which is fuelled by the motorist themselves seeking to reduce their cost and wanting to supply their own parts – carrying risks for both the customer and the garage owner.

The IGA said: “For the customer, the use of counterfeit parts could not only compromise their safety but could increase their vehicle maintenance costs, as the durability of these parts may be far below what would be obtained from a part of matching quality to the original and they could ultimately reduce the value of the vehicle, thus devaluing their asset.

Garage risks

“For the garage, the risks are far greater.

“It may be tempting to provide good customer service by fitting customer supplied parts, even to reduce your own outlay on parts purchasing, however as a professional business providing a service to the general public, the garage, its owner and its staff have a duty of care.

“By agreeing to fit customer supplied parts, as a business you are also removing the opportunity to make a margin on the sale of the parts you would otherwise supply to the customer, a margin that is vital to maintaining a profitable business.”

For further information about the IGA, select ‘more details’ below.

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    Are we not taking over liability of said parts by accepting them

    #177647 Reply
    Neil Lindsay

    Surely the main issue is that if the garage doesn’t supply the parts they are unable to provide a warranty on the job!!!!

    #177649 Reply

    Where would stand Insurance wise if we fit supplied parts?

    #177660 Reply
    Peter Miles

    And when these dubious parts fail you ca bet the supplier will say “Oh, the garage fitted them wrongly” so no comeback, except on us! My advice, which I follow myself, is don’t do it! If the customer goes elsewhere that’s fine. Not the sort of customer I want anyway.

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    Jo Gibbons

    I agree, customer own supplied parts are not good for anyone. As a Garage we try to make sure our customers are satisfied however when you tell a customer you can not do what they want, they seldom leave happy and write damaging reviews.
    We now have the IGA advice poster about customer supplied parts framed in our reception, this has a more positive outcome than us saying no.

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    Colin Simon

    We recently had a BMW X5 owner wanting me to fit rear air springs he had sourced from the internet. Wanting a bit of clout added to my “We won’t do the job reply” I called my insurance broker. I was told not to fit customer supplied components as it is not possible for me to know the provenance of said items. Fitting components of which, as a professional supplying a service, I could not guarantee their quality would make me liable in the event of failure. I was able to quote this to my customer who promptly binned his unbranded “ditch finders” and allowed me to source through our usual motor factors.

    #178707 Reply
    Westerleigh Car Centre LTD

    We have never fitted customer supplied parts and the implications if things go wrong are mind boggling.
    Never worth the hassle and grieve it could bring,

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